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How do people amass so much junk?


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With the recent massive santa buy out 2 days ago it's kind of a cruel gift for me. I've had my santa for quite sometime, and If I had the junk, people are buying them for 50-70m a piece ( ge is around 43 right now ). I literally have no junk and have no idea how to get it, how are people getting 20million gps in junk? I don't understand how you could just get all that from god wars or something. They have to be buying it, but what's the point of that? If you buy 20million in junk then sell an item for 20million over you have just wasted your time, right?

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The people who are really into merchanting rares and other rising items usually have junk that they've got through trades. Its mostly just for the merchanters to keep items high amoungst themselves, making it harder for those who don't have junk to do much except sell the item for a low price.


Corporeal Drops:2xHoly elixers

Bandos Drops: Bcp(soloed) 5x hilts 8x tassets

Armadyl Drops:Armadyl Hilt(trio)

Zamorak Drops: 2xZamorakian spear 3x Steam battlestaff

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