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  1. because it takes an unreasonably longer amount of time vs meleeing them, for a small cushion that's easy to avoid anyways. Unless you have a hex, magic is almost always better then range. On bosses you don't mage, you melee.
  2. Never did as in the last few posts you've seen here. Has done for a long time(as in defended rapier while everyone has told him to destroy it for a long time) outside of the few posts you've read. You really have a knack for jumping into conversations when you are unaware of the background of them, as in really, really good at it. Not very polite, is it. Then don't do it in a public area were people can do that :rolleyes: There's nothing impolite about jumping into something on a public forum.
  3. but he never questioned it, he already understood, he never argued against switching his bind. You guys are blowing steam on him for things he never did.
  4. HE DOESN'T HAVE CONFUSED BIND [email protected][email protected]@[email protected] He knows the rapier + B axe isn't good. He simply had it so he had something until he got something better. Quit trying to take up issue/offense to something, when it isn't implied to be taken in such a way.
  5. because the monsters are easier, therefore faster GDs
  6. SirIzenhime


    Please, make more generalizations. They're very accurate and not offensive at all. Dat reading comprehension.
  7. Funny. The day you ask to see it soloed, I find a video of a nex solo. His method is similar to the method I'd use if I were to try to solo, but I'd opt for Vesta's longsword over Dragon claws, bring Recover special potions, and use the lure spot only to delay her so I can spam more spec pots. Also, switch Torva for specials. EDIT: Judging by the description, the video-maker wasn't the first to solo; his friend was, and it seems like his friend has already been no-lifing soloes. Which really isn't bad considering that at 40 minutes per kill + a 5 minute bank, you're getting 1.33 kills per hour, much better than the typical team ATM. That's not funny, that's just....that So it can be soloed, congrats. Now people can actually say they'd camp it because it is a solo-able boss.
  8. I do not regret my original vote in the very least. Then again, I voted no.
  9. Taken directly from the first post. :rolleyes: But who reads on a forum, right? Why do you assume you can't solo Nex? Here's some facts: - Logdotzip has already gotten past Blood phase solo, with plenty of supplies left. - Ice can be beaten solo with only a handful of restores and 1 or 2 brews if you are lucky with prison-breaking. - I've personally beaten 2/3 of curses solo with only a few potions (was duo and team mate accidentally teleported right after we began). It takes a long time but it's definitely doable. - You can keep 28 additional potions in the room for a whole hour if you use a bless account, 56 if you create two graves (blessed items stay for the whole hour even if the gravestone is destroyed) In fact, at this point I'm sure Nex can be soloed. And I would rather spend all day trying to succeed at a Nex solo than no-life any other boss for a day (except maybe TDs). And I HAVE spent days no-lifing Nex, as have many others. EDIT: So, the thing about Yak items being dropped into your grave was a rumor started by someone who can't count. My bad. Doesn't really matter though. when I see it actually soloed, then I'll believe it can be soloed. Until then, it's all talk.
  10. 80% of the responses would be "Nex, because it's good money" How exciting...wooo.... It's not like you have to answer the thread anyways if the option you want isn't there.
  11. the people arguing for Nex just didn't read the OP Taken directly from the first post. :rolleyes: But who reads on a forum, right?
  12. That really only applies when you have a Cele staff. Without that, a battle axe is better on zombies, and all skeletons other then the 154 ones.
  13. Dagannoth Kings. If I can also ask for a permanent Dagannoth task as well, even better :thumbsup:
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