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My name's Doug, (ofc not douggy, only my girlfriend can call me that). I've been walkin' this Earth for 17 and a half years, been on it for 18. I've been with TIF for god knows how long now, and I always wanted to make a blog, but I kinda suck at these~. [Gonna update laterrr]


So, basically what I'm gonna do here is log my achievements and such.

First and foremost, I'm going to be killing Green Drags for 70/70/70.

My calculations might be off, but it should be around 6 - 8k. I'm going to get 70 attack first so I can buy a whip. Then I'll be using controlled until 70 strength, and then defensive all the way to 70.

I'll be logging my trips and kills and such. :] I don't know what to write here, so if you could help me out, I'd love you <3.

[spoiler=Trip Logs]Trip 1

Trip worth; ~75k

Trip 2

Trip worth; ~46k

59 HP!

Trip 3

Trip worth; ~56k

Trip 4

Trip worth; ~82k

Day 1 = ~259k

Trip 5

Trip Worth; ~68k


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Mark* Point*

Lovepanda: Markpoint*


Hello Valid friend :)

Here I am, SugarShizzle trying to help out your blog a wee bit.


Well, I'd like to say you've made a nice start but add some colourrr.

My blog is not a great example of this at the moment, but I am in the process of renovating it, when I get the time.


Best of luck anyway, Valid =)



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