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Come Rate iCraftin! Came back after a year break.

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So I used to play a lot. I took a break for about a year, when a lot of the BIG up dates happened. I came back bout 4 months ago. Figured I'd throw up a rate thread, show you all what I've been up too! Feel free to rate or whatever. Enjoy. :smile:


Stat's and Bank as of about a year ago.







Stat's and Bank as of 02-26-2010.






99's I've Done In The Last 4 Months!






Other Skills






Random Other Stuff










So, that's basically what I've done in the last 3-4 Months I've been back. Thanks for looking!

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8.5/10 welcome back, and boooooo living rock caverns!


inb4troll: ill never get over it, get off my back

~ 3,072nd to 99 Mining on August 30th, 2009 ~
~ 112,084th to 99 Magic on April 16th, 2011 ~

~ 131,681st to 99 Crafting on March 29, 2019 ~

~ 178,385th to 99 Prayer on April 2, 2019 ~

~ 234,921st to 99 Defence on May 9, 2019 ~

~ 173,480th to 99 Herblore on June 21, 2019 ~

~ 155,160th to 99 Smithing on July 16, 2019 ~

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