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  1. A grey chin shouldn't be worth that much, although i understand why... They were just 250 gp a month ago >.< The reason i was chinning was specifically so it would be faster, and catching them myself kind of defeats that purpose. so i guess i will just have to pay more.. :( also, about the word "meme". I don't actually know what the real meaning is if there is one, but what I mean by "meme" is the little comictype things on a website called Memebase, unless you meant something else or i'm very confused.
  2. Greys are also unbuyable as I've just found out, even if you up the GE offer to 1000 each... lame. The frustrating thing is I only need 4k red or 5k greys and theyre unbuyable on the ge and on the forums they get bought really quickly too. I just scolded myself a little because I should have bought all the chins I needed when they were 400 each..
  3. I'm aware of supply and demand, thank-you. No need for name calling there, grumpy. I assumed typing "retarded" wasn't allowed...
  4. anyone get the meme reference?.... no? anyways.. red chins arent buyable on ge and people are selling for 2k each... I realize prices go up when theres no bots but this is MENTALLYCHALLENGED. Jagex should do something to control insane price fluctuations... Like im fine with 1k each, thats plenty for the hunters to make their money but 2k each is stupid and ridiculous.
  5. i want a deathslinger but i dont want to spend time making it every game. are pouches bindable? i have cosmic runes bound, do i have to unbind them?
  6. Mh1456

    wannabe pkers

    yes now that I think about it, my post was pretty arrogant. but a level 100 non-zerker/tank trying to kill me doesn't make much sense. they skull themselves and risk losing all their stuff. maybe they thought i was a bot..
  7. can't login to any of the dung worlds due to login glitch "your account has not logged out from last session". anyone know any dung ccs or unofficial worlds??
  8. Ever is nice the DT update, RS has been really laggy and slow for me. When did this problem start for you? It happened after the bot nuke. The first few days after i had trouble logging in at all but then they fixed that. i don't have graphics lagg at all just the "loading-please wait" is abnormally long so i dont feel like doing many things that involve running around ingame... >.<
  9. I still have 6 second area loading times. I can login fine, and my ping is usually 80 or lower. i tried clearing the jagex cache and my java is up to date, i feel like i'm the only one left with this. I can't really runecraft or pk with 6 second area loading times :sad: . Anyone else have this, or did any of you fix it yourself?
  10. Mh1456

    wannabe pkers

    Often in the wild doing stuff, dragons or whatever.. Atleast once per playing session some player 10 levels lower than me attempts to kill me. I'm no pker, but half the time they're the ones that end up dying and they have never scored a kill on me.. It just wastes both our time, plus im only risking 200k. like this 111 tried tbing me, then using those level 60 godspells. it was :wall: . They think theyre some kind of one man army :lol:
  11. Kind of like people who insist runescape is anything other then a shit game Why are you on here if you dont like the game... does not compute :wall:
  12. Idk if i missed this info, but is there a limit to the amount of factor you can get? for example I got 260kish before i logged off last night. I saw someone with 300k+, so could you get like 1 million factor? especially since endurance is super easy
  13. So this guy in my clan chat tries telling everyone that pest control (70kxp/hr) is faster than chinning (200kxp/hr), and then proceeds to insult the total levels of anyone who disagrees with him including me. Since when is my total level bad? You know you're a lowlife when you insult someone elses VIRTUAL character.. anyways, just because this guy got 99 ranged with pest control he seems to BELIEVE 100% that pest control is in fact FASTER THAN CHINNING. He also thinks that because he has 16m ranged exp he is always right about ranged, whereas i am 94 ranged and am obviously correct while he is wrong. People like this tick me off...anyways, I would say sorry for the rant but this is the rants forums after all :smile: too bad the clan leader is a softy and won't kick idiots out :twisted:
  14. Sounds like you need a few weeks/months break from RS. trust me, I know.
  15. Not sure if you've noticed this but most things are crashing, not rising. But yes if you quit because of bots. Well dragon bones rose, now are crashing. But chinchompas wont stop rising.
  16. Yes it is actually a pretty good time to return. Jagex has managed to keep the wilderness and free trade while also striking a major blow against the bots, and the bots have not returned yet so thats a good sign. About half the playerbase was bots, since the maximum on weekends now Ive seen was 110k players, but thats a good number. Most monster hunting and skilling areas are not crowded so you can do whatever you want. Prices of most things are rising because bots are gone, this can be bad or good for you depending on if youre a buyer or a seller.
  17. yes, same goes for all the books. edit: dunno why i quoted that. habit :mellow:
  18. Oh my god, this morning when I got a black demon task and I saw no one there, I was actually so happy haha Same, I like the feeling of being able to do whatever I want without having to worry about swarms of bots... And when I encounter a player I know its most likely a real person (atm at least).
  19. got my deflector! this can be deleted or whatever now :)
  20. People say I should get a deflector for ranged, anyways...so im 50 rank points off in Conquest, and I've played a few games tonight. its been win-lose-win-lose, so its not getting very far. still about 50 rank points to go. Would one of you kind, generous people be willing to lose/insta quit a few games to me on purpose (if you dont play/like conquest or already have deflector)? Once I gain these these 50 rank points (should take less than 20 minutes I think) I will pay you 300k. Yes, "just" 300k. I'm not very wealthy :wall: if anyone is willing, feel free to pm me or post on here :)
  21. The extra time needed for void alone is not worth it, and you need protect from melee 1mil per hour means you need to kill at least 285 dragons per hour at the current rate, which is less than likely. I DO already have full void set with elite top and bottom. I also already have over 150 prayer pots left from a few months ago (can't remember why I bought them...) but I guess I have a use for them now! Also, slightly less related, why are ranging potions so much more expensive than all the others? edit: I don't have armadyl chest plate, but I don't think thats really that necessary anyways.. I would use the standard chinning setup. Trimmed skillcape, prayer book, etc. :)
  22. My income level comes around to maybe 500k a day if you spread it around evenly. Also, thanks for reply but I don't really want 99 Slayer :P
  23. So at the time I write this you can buy about 2 grey chins for every red chin....hmm. But greys have lower ranged bonus and strength (or no ranged strength?). Anyways, I could buy like a bajillion grey ones, but idk. I'm almost 94 ranged, and then I might chin from 94-99 or 95-99 at ape atoll. Dunno if should use greys though. Advice?
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