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Full slayer helmet (charged)

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The item, Full slayer helmet (charged), was missing from the database. Here's the image and info.

Image: Posted Image

Item examine: 'You don't want to wear it inside-out.'

Location: 'Obtained when using 50 combat Summoning scrolls with a Full slayer helmet (e) (which is a Full slayer helmet that has been enchanted).' (Taken from Slayer helmet (charged), and modified to suit this item.)

Uses: 'Please note, you cannot add a Hexcrest or Focus sight directly to a regular Slayer helmet (e). You must first disassemble the helm, reassemble it with all of the pieces, and then have it re-enchanted.

This is used to store Summoning scrolls that can be used with a familiar in combat. These can hold up to 50 combat-type Summoning scrolls.

Wear it to get the benefits of every piece of slayer head gear simultaneously.

Equipping this item while fighting Warped Terrorbirds will reduce the maximum hit of their ranged attack to two damage.'

Notes: 'It will automatically activate the scrolls every so often when using the associated familiar in multi-way combat. You must have level 10 defence, level 20 summoning, 20 ranged, 20 magic, and 20 strength to wear this. Initial enchanting of the full slayer helmet is done by Pikkupstix in Taverley.'

Stat Bonuses:

Attack Bonuses:

Stab: 0
Slash: 0
Crush: 0
Magic: +3
Ranged: +3

Defence Bonuses:

Stab: +30
Slash: +32
Crush: +27
Magic: +10
Ranged: +30
Summoning: +7

Other Bonuses:

Strength: 0
Ranged Strength: 0
Prayer: 0
Magic Damage: 0%

Also, it seems the Ranged and Magic bonuses are +15% on slayer tasks, might be useful to have, but I understand hesitation on that point because Jagex still, to my knowledge, has neither confirmed nor denied that it is indeed +15%. It is not a damage boost, since void does not hit higher than the focus sight (after multiple tasks of using the full slayer helm), but it does increase the damage like the +15% were a potion. Also, sorry for posting in the wrong forum before, It would have been here sooner but I was in a rush and didn't notice the item sub-forum until just now. :s

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Thank you VERY much for the information. :thumbsup: The item entry was hidden (unreleased); it appears that we had been missing some important data on the helmet, but your submission has satisfied that nicely. :thumbup: (The released item can be found here, by the way: Full slayer helmet (charged)

We've added you to the credits, and you have our sincere thanks for contributing. 'Cheers! :)

Also, sorry for posting in the wrong forum before, It would have been here sooner but I was in a rush and didn't notice the item sub-forum until just now. :s

Heh, don't worry about it. It's not a problem at all, trust me. :P

Thanks again!
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