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LFC - 114 combat - community / skilling clan

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RSN - Xargah

combat - 114 members


I am looking for a community clan, just somewhere fun to hang out, do random boss killing like god wars dungeon and such. Skilling I enjoy doing too.


I have not played runescape in a few years, just came back recently. Looking for some fun people to do events with.

I am a college student in Canada. Played WoW up until recently but got a bit bored of it.


If you have any more questions to know me a bit better feel free to message me :D

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Sup bro,


Thought you might be interested in Legendz, we are a Warring and Community clan... and Canada ftw :D




I'll cut the bs and just give you a quick summary of what sets us apart from what the others have posted:

Established clan with more than 1 year of history

We've been doing our thing for quite awhile, we are a solely F2P and P2P CWA clan, thats right we don't do pvp we are all about CWA. Nevertheless, we offer our members the pvp experience by allowing to join our solely pvp allied clan. Our requirements are that you are at least 100+ f2p combat, 80+ defense, have a hybrid set, Teamspeak 3 and IRC.


Extreme Warring

On a weekly basis we have 3-5 wars a week. At least 2 of those are on the weekend just for your convenience. We are EST and GMT based.


Active Community

With bustling forums, an IRC channel and TeamSpeak server- you'll never get lonely even off rs.


Community Events

Aside from warring we have the occasional events such as: gwd, races, rev hunts, membership giveaways and skill competitions. We also have an allied clan for members who want to pvp- so you'll get the best of both worlds.


Your Next Step

Unlike other clans, we don't want you to join us blindly. We like our members enticed first, so be sure to join us on our IRC channel: #legendz or on our cc: lgz_chat. Chat with some of our members, and feel at home. Once your done, head over to our site and forums!



If you'd like to see our memberlist, have a look here.




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Hello, if you are after a great community i highly recommend Red Blade Hunters. we have a range of different events as well, just drop by sometime for a chat if you would like to know more.


To see our full recruitment topic please go to http://forum.tip.it/topic/241466-%23redbladehunters-90-f2p-4-years-active/





Official Forums | Warring Memberslist



We look forward to meeting you!

Please feel free to drop by our IRC channel (#redbladehunters) and chat. You can also check out our boards at http://www.redbladehunters.com.

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Hello uhhm do u know Emperorchong??




Clan History:


Nemesis Warriors was reopened on February 24th, 2010 by 0ri, LawfulSakura and King Soulja. We are a relatively new clan looking to make a huge impact on the smaller clan world. At Nemesis Warriors we believe in a slow approach to clan growth so we will periodically close applications while we are getting our trial warriors integrated into the clan. This means space is limited and will be met on a first come first serve basis. Be sure if you apply to put a lot of effort into the applications because we will choose the best applications first regardless of when they applied. If you are interested you are welcome to join #nwchat on swiftirc to meet with the members and to request help with your application.




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TRR sounds like a good choice for you, Jammy. :)


We're a a laid-back community clan. We do every event imaginable such as GWD, skilling, and even spontaneous events such as kite parades. All events are optional and we don't you require attendance at anything. A few times a year we have large clan-wide skilling events called the "Skilling Olympics" where we track all members gains over the course of a month and then graph their gains in excel sheets compared to the other members. It's a real blast; right now we're doing combat month. :D



-.:: Quick Links ::.-

How to Join | Forums | Calendar | Runehead


crossedswords.png Introduction crossedswords.png

.:: About TRR ::.

TRR is a very unique clan, with a strong focus on community. Everyone is accepted and welcomed into the family, no matter how new to RuneScape or clans they may be. The main goal of TRR is to provide a fun, relaxed, and enjoyable environment in which all players can enjoy the game in the company of others. After all, isn't the whole point of RuneScape to have fun?


By now I'm sure you've noticed we have no combat level requirements, right? If you're wondering why a clan would do such a thing, it's really rather simple. Our clan believes things like activity, personality, attitude, and loyalty are all more important than how many hours someone has played RuneScape. Many people believe having no requirements is one reason why our community has blossomed. After all, every member is treated as an equal regardless of their experience in clans or RS. We help each other out, whether it be in RS or giving advice for real life situations.


crossedswords.png Key Information crossedswords.png


.:: Clan Leaders ::.

Tragic Shadows


.:: War Record ::.

[ 7 - 2 - 0 ]

.:: Clan Cape ::.

Team-33 (Green)

.:: Home Worlds ::.

P2P: 64 | F2P: 93

.:: Primary Time Zones ::.

GMT | Atlantic | Eastern | Central | Mountain | Pacific

We have members from all over the world, and take pride in our diversity.

.:: IRC Channel ::.


.:: Ventrilo ::.

IP: vent.obscurehost.com

PORT: 3811

.:: Clan Chat ::.


.:: Base Type ::.

F2P & P2P


crossedswords.png What We Offer crossedswords.png


.:: A Spectacular Community ::.

TRR boasts one of the largest and most welcoming communities in RuneScape.

Whether you enjoy browsing forums, talking about RuneScape in clan chats, or discussing aspects of clanning with officials in IRC, you can be sure that there will always be someone willing to carry on conversation in TRR!

We also offer VoIP communication with Ventrilo, something many clans don't offer.

.:: Professional and Understanding Staff ::.

The only reason we have clan officials is to keep the clan running smoothly.

Clan Leaders and Council Members exist solely to help you achieve the best clan experience possible; they aren't around to flaunt their power and show off the ban-hammer.

If you ever have a problem with a clan member or an official, the dispute will be settled swiftly and in a fair manner.

.:: Top of the Line Experiences ::.

Thanks to our community, TRR is able to offer several advantages that very few other clans are able to provide.

We boast paid IPB 3 forums, Ventrilo, an independent website, and even an official 24/7 clan radio!

.:: A Variety of Events ::.

Do you rarely see clans host your favorite events? Don't worry! In TRR, all members are able to host their own events.

Our clan puts its members first, and everyone is heard no matter how new you are or what your combat level may be.

As a result, we boast what's probably the largest variety of events ever hosted by a clan.


crossedswords.png What We Ask Of You crossedswords.png

.:: Forum Activity ::.

As a member of TRR, it is your responsibility to periodically check up on the clan forums.

This is important for many reasons, the least of which is so you can stay updated on clan news and important announcements.

Many members choose to bookmark the forums - Forum Index - and simply check up on them quickly before or after logging into RuneScape.

Posting on the forums is a necessary part of becoming involved with our clans community, and promotions are often based on how active clan members are on the forums.

.:: Use Our Clan Chat ::.

It might seem silly, I know; but you would be amazed at how many people join and then complain that they didn't ever know when an event was taking place.

To prevent that and to get to know other members of the clan, staying active in our in-game clan chat is a must.

Our clan chat is 'The_Rs_Rebel', and members are expected to be in it whenever they're on RuneScape.

You are allowed to leave the chat in certain situations (e.g. checking up on a merchant chat, moving chats for an event, etc), but generally you should be in the clan chat while on RuneScape.

.:: Respect ::.

Clan officials and clan members are participating in TRR for their own enjoyment, thus we ask all members to show respect towards our staff and other members.


crossedswords.png Clan Media crossedswords.png


.:: Videos ::.


Our Clan Videos

Click above to view over 20 of TRR's videos!


.:: Pictures ::.



crossedswords.png Commonly Asked Questions crossedswords.png


.:: How Do You Join? ::.

We have an extremely fast and painless process for applicants.

Click Here For Directions! | Video: How To Join TRR

.:: Can I Join The Forums Without A Runescape Account? ::.

Of course, just follow the directions posted above and explain your situation. We'll welcome you into our community!

.:: Aren't There A Lot Of "Noobs"? ::.

Actually, our message has attracted a GREAT deal of experienced RS players. People that like to do more demanding events such as God Wars shouldn't have a problem finding others to play with.

.:: I Have A Few More Questions... ::.

Feel free to visit our forums and post any remaining questions you may have HERE.





Thanks for considering TRR, we hope to see you soon!




The Rebelz - Website

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Hello emperor, Blessed Hunters is a new clan but we are growing quickly (30 members or so). We have a very nice community and hold gwd events almost daily. If youre looking for a monter hunting clan, look no further!



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Joining The Brotherhood




So are you hooked to the clan yet? You want to join our great community and ownage wars? Well if not it's alright, COS isn't for everyone, yet everyone who meets requirements is welcome! Either way, just watch out for the day when you see us in a PVP world or at Clan Wars! Now here's a step by step break down of how to apply:


1. Register your forum username

- http://z10.invisionfree.com/COS/index.php?...Reg&CODE=00


2. Read over our COS Rules

- http://z10.invisionfree.com/COS/index.php?act=boardrules


3. Make sure that you are logged onto your new account

- http://z10.invisionfree.com/COS/index.php?...gin&CODE=00


4. Read this thread and copy the application inside

- http://z10.invisionfree.com/COS/index.php?showtopic=6


5. Paste the application and fill in all information possible

- http://z10.invisionfree.com/COS/index.php?...ODE=00&f=10


6. Make sure you are ingame and have private chat set to "on" not "friends" so we can determine you have control of your account


Or simply view our forum by using this link:



If you have any questions please let me or one of our Staff Members know and we will do our best to help you out. Thank you for looking over the Council of Saradomin and we are looking forward to gaming with you in the future!

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Hey guys and gals, feel free to use this post on RSC if your stuck on thinking up your own.


Hello I'm The British Elite's Head recruiter. We are a GMT based community clan with daily events such as castle wars, big monster hunting, wars, PVP and Godwars, to name a few. We have our own IRC chat channel and TeamSpeak server. Have a look at our sites.




Clan Site - http://www.forums.britishelites.com


P.S.: Should you have any further questions, please feel free to PM me using either these forums or PMing me on IRC(SwiftIRC), my IRC-chatname is Sp0k3y and I can always be found in #TBE_Lobby (our guestchannel).


- Key Information


.:: Clan Leaders ::.


Mystical Jin



.:: War Record ::.


[ 33 - 9 - 14 ]



.:: Clan Cape ::.

Team-40 (Green)



.:: Alliances ::.


[WG] Wilderness Guardians.

[TDM] The Death Monkeighs.



.:: Primary Time Zones ::.



We have members from all over the world, and take pride in our diversity.



.:: IRC Channel ::.





.:: Team Speak ::.


We have a very active TS community, but only members are aloud access to the server, to avoid any unwanted trouble for our members while having fun on ts


.:: Clan Chat ::.




.:: Base Type ::.

F2P & P2P



- Requirements


.:: We'd Like You To... ::.

Be Atleast 100 F2P Combat For TBE

Try your best for the clan.

Maintain RS and forum activity.

Attend as many Runescape events as possible.

Show respect to all members and staff.

While on Runescape, use our clan chat and/or IRC channel.



Thank you so much for looking at TBE, and we all wish you the best of luck at which ever clan you choose.


Member List: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=tbeadmin

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Hey Emperor (or should I call you Xargah?),


We'd love to have you in The Death Monkeighs. Our clan is all about community. And with 80+ active members there's always fun to be had! We hold multiple daily events, both combat and skilling based, where we monkeighs hang out and enjoy each other's company. We also have our own forums where we talk about anything related to runescape and/or life.


Runescape is about having fun, and that is one of our founding principles... HAVING FUN!


Our Mission Statement:

"TDM exists to further the enjoyment of RuneScape by providing a clean and mature atmosphere where all types of players, PK'ers and non-PK'ers alike, can share their gaming experiences within a safe and friendly community."


If you have any questions please pm us, and if your interested in seeing what we have to offer, feel free to check out our Recruiting Topic or visit our Official Forums.


We hope to hear from you!


The Death Monkeighs



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hey jammy,


i am ioioioio from bloodshed empire. a very matur clan with great members. we do f2p events every week! we have gwd almost 1 time a weeek. and war 5 times a week (team bse)





btw, the runehead and forum bottons are clickable, try them out :)


well if you want to try us out theres some info,


irc: #bse


cc: clan bse

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A Fire Inside


An Introduction


AFI is a clan formed around the goal of providing a powerful community for members of many varying levels with many skilling and fun events, while still holding the traditional values of clan Pking and Warring. We strive to provide a progressive and mature atmosphere where any type of player can enjoy a strong and friendly community and have a lot of fun meeting new people and sharing in many experiences.


AFI, is a band new clan that has been founded by the former leader of the RSBM (a clan that lasted for 4 years). We are a clan for any Runescape player who likes a great and friendly community and lots of fun events without having to War or Pk every day of the week (Though we will still have two Pk Trips (Both an F2P and a P2P Pk) every week, occasional wars, as well as many in-clan Pk groups for you Pkers to enjoy). Here at AFI, our laid-back atmosphere provides a place where anyone can have fun without being pressured to train combat constantly. No matter what kind of player you are, from training non-combat skills and attending fun events to those of you who enjoy PKing, training combat, warring, and more, you will have constant opportunities to do these things. For all those who enjoy combat, non-combat, mini-games, community, and more, AFI provides a strong balance of all these things to satisfy any player.


Official Clan Chat - AFI CC




IMerch Gp




Currently our requirements for full membership are Melee combat level 70+, Range/Mage 80+, or Skillers with 50+ average skill levels.


Requirements for All Usergroups:


Be active on our forums, visiting and posting often.

Be active on our IRC Chat as much as possible and in the chat during all events.

Attend one out of every four events each month.

Follow all Jagex and Clan rules, including event specific rules and BH/War Rules.

Always have fun! :)


Event Information:


A few examples of the events we have are...:


-Dueling Events

-Drop Parties


-Castle Wars

-Skill Events (Runecrafting, Fletching, Crafting, Smithing, etc.)

-Costume Parties

-KBD Trips

-KQ Trips

-Trawler Trips

-Blast Furnace

-Fight Pits

-Pest Control

-Snowball Fights

-Ranger Wars

-Wars of the Runescape Gods

-Stealing Creation


And, of course, this is just a taste of the events we have at AFI. A general rule for most events, both pk and non-pk, is that the scheduled times are set to accommodate to both the United States Eastern Time (GMT -5) as well as the GMT Timezone, with times set to be convenient for Timezones around the world. However, there are events for other timezones as well, and members are also encouraged to host their own Player Events that work for their own timezone. For pkers, we offer several official trips every week, both P2P and F2P as well as many unofficial Pk Trips and Pk trips for Pures. For those who hate pking, you will not be forced to pk, which is why we provide several skilling and fun events each month as well.


AFI's Community:



AFI's Promises:

  • Fair and Well-Trained Staff and Leaders ranging across many combat levels.
  • A mature and respectful atmosphere without flaming or swearing.
  • Advancement is available to Active and Loyal clan members.
  • No events will ever be made mandatory. Members can choose whichever events they desire to participate in (as long as they do attend the required number of events per month).

Pictures and Videos of AFI:



Important Links:



Hope to see you in the clan!

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