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Help with PK Char


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I just started back on RS and I've got a PK Character started.


62 Combat-


50 ATT,

78 STR,

1 DEF,


16 RNG,



How do you think I should level from here? I haven't PKed in Runescape in years.

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It depends if you plan on doing 1v1 or group/hybrid pking. If 1v1 either get a high ranged level or do monkey madness/lost city with 60 attack and high strength. Stay 1 def and get 44 or 52 prayer (eagle eye,smite). You could just level everything up and stay 1 def,thats good too. I'll list the stats i have planned for my own pure:


-60 attack

-85 or 90+ strength

-85 or 94 magic

-99 ranged

-1 defence

-44 prayer

-? HP

-1 summoning



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