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Uses for Recover Special

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Hey all,


Just got myself 85 Herblore for extremes and have used recover specials for 84 - 85

Although I factored into my Gp/xp calculations that they had no worth, so I don't really care if I don't use them, is there anywhere that they're really good or particularly worth taking as opposed to just helping?


I'm maxed combat with extremes (If I stew) and turmoil, so in terms of game content there's a lot of things open to me. I'm also 99 slayer so I wont really be using them on task as I very rarely slay anymore,


At the moment I can think of


  • Solo (or more) Bandos
  • TDs - don't quite know what to use for the special though
  • Sara for ZGS specs?


Thanks to Jopie for this great signature.

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All of what you said are good ideas tbh, if you only use ZGS spec once/ kill then you can pot near end of kill, and when its about to spawn- so you can use spec instantly!


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