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  1. I'm not too active on here anymore. If for some reason you're stalking my profile and want to contact me quickly throw @Ambler3 a message on Twitter!

  2. Massive sweep of bots today/over the coming days on darkscape, quite a few 99 fishing/WC players will have been wiped. Some of the bot names were stupidly obvious though, obviously I won't name them (:<
  3. Hi I'm alive. Probably maxing at RuneFest just because.
  4. Ambler


    Oh hi I'm alive etc. Should probably post here more. Was up in Edinburgh for a Wii U Smash Bros tourney this weekend, came 7th which I'm pretty happy about. Drove up with 3 other people (2 London, 1 Cambridge), and didn't get more than 2 hours sleep from midday Friday to Sunday evening, so I have no clue how I did so well in the end. The other guy who came up from Cambridge got 1st place, so yay. Bonus points to the guy who drove us as it was 7 hours each way, he was doing commentary for the stream too so really not sure how he survived it... Ah well, next tourney is on Saturday in London. Way less of a pain to get to. Bracket for the tourney here for the curious, I had a pretty insane Losers Bracket run after screwing up my second set: http://armagedinburgh.challonge.com/smash4
  5. My brother mains Sheik, I have a pocket GW.No complaints from me. >:) Seriously though, it's sort of broken. Personally I use Ness + Sheik for doubles. Mostly because Sheik's up-b can heal Ness for ~25%, super viable strategy considering how deadly Ness can be when he's on the offensive and can safely take a few hits.
  6. Oh hi. Not gone past the lobby for a month now, just got zero motivation to play.
  7. Hopefully. I've poked the RF Twitter account, will just bring them along anyway.
  8. I'll try to be there, but work is busy so no guarantees of time off etc. Will be good to catch up with people as I've barely been active at all recently.
  9. Staff before crossbows, because Royal Crossbow exists, you can use the staff to get the xbow forged if you haven't done so already.
  10. Thanks, DKs, each is the same droprate as the rings/hatchet.
  11. 1 bar each for Melee/Range/Mage, 1 for shield abilities (First 5 slots for w/e style I'm using, 10 seconds to swap out the abilities) 1 for skilling. Guess I can use the 6th bar for extra skilling/overflow stuff. No reason at all to buy more, even though it's well within the limits of what I can afford. These should have been free, but I guess money is money. >_>
  12. Flashbacks to when my internet was like that. Click client Get a drink Start food cooking for later Sit back down and it's on ~90% Now it's click... Oh it's loaded.
  13. Major blow to the OSRS Team, and it'll have a slight impact on RS3 too as they're gonna need to drag a couple of devs over to compensate. Pretty sure the coding was a 50:50 split between Ash/Reach.
  14. Oh god I had a massive argument with the crashers via Twitter about this. They were crashing a community event, well within Lee's rights to remove them from it. The whole crashing/elitist pvmer thing is why I've kinda given up on group bossing recently. Also 95 farming, 4 till Max Cape. Because screeny thread etc.
  15. Ness mainly, though Mewtwo/Marth/Ganon are fun. Got this too, yay?
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