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Fire Cape Worthy?


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I would like to attempt the Fight Caves, but the thought of spending millions and failing doesn't appeal to me. I would be ranging only, and my skills are 78 Ranged, 70 Defence, and 70 Prayer (82 Constitution if its important). The gear would be, Verac's Helm/Skirt, Armadyl Chestplate, Rune c'bow, Unholy book, Fury, Barrows gloves, and Snakeskin boots as well as 1k Diamond bolts. My inventory will be 20 Restores, 7 Brews, and 1 Ranging Potion (tell me if i need more/less brews, etc please). I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I would have a moderate chance of getting through it.

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use 3 range pots, less restores. don't use diamond bolts, they aren't worth the price and all the monsters in there have very low defence. chances are you'll make it to jad w/o any problems so you don't need to be over-concerned with your setup. instead, worry about mastering prayer switching before risking 90 minutes of your time in there.


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Enhanced excalibur is amazing there if you have it.


Personally, I went and completed seers hard just to make fight caves easier.


give F2P a penny and they want a dime; give P2P a quarter, they want 100,000 dollars, your car, house, boat, social security number, credit card numbers, drivers license, clothes on your back and everything you ever owned or interacted with ever
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