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  1. I think you forgot that whips are members only and god only knows how many of those 1.5m are actually active.
  2. schmuall


    Although currently unconfirmed, it's believed by many players that you'll have to own the lesser tiers of auras before you can upgrade them to the higher tiers (as occurs with the ring of kinship) so imo, it's definately worth getting a lower tier now.
  3. I appreciate that you're going to have to bring in some more stringent guidelines in light of the high scores but there are people like me who have been lurking both in this topic and in the CC waiting for the right time to start training dungeoneering and so haven't made a name for themselves yet. Personally what's holding me back is having to train RC to 70 before I can become effective but I'm very willing to learn how to dung although I will require quite a bit of help from more experienced dungeoneers. Basically, even if there is an influx of uncooperative people who make you want to pull your hair out, there are still going to be genuine people who want to join so please continue to be as open as you currently are.
  4. Because never failing an agility obstacle wouldn't be incredibly broken...
  5. I'm guessing you meant to write 159 days played, right?
  6. What's really depressing is that will only get you to 89 herb...
  7. * Jagex has made a habit of going back on their word, changing what they have said and contradicting themselves. Just because they say it won't, there is no guarantee that it won't. Personally, I believe that this won't occur but you cannot claim that it is a "fact" just because Jagex has said so. They lost the benefit of the doubt a long time ago. * So what if it's mainly cosmetic or only beneficial to pures? There are huge portions of the game only dedicated to cosmetic rewards or with benefits to a minority. That doesn't mean that people don't have a right to care about or indeed complain about it. * Why does this mean that people can't complain? If they gave everyone who paid for membership on a weekday a certain item, with the promise that they'd give the same item to people who paid on weekend at an unspecified time in the future, I believe that people would be justified in complaining as much as they are justified in complaining about people being given an item for paying in a certain way. All memberships are meant to be equal. If they want to create a "membership gold edition" then they should do so, not try and sneak it in through the back door. * The fact that there is no trend of something doesn't mean that it cannot occur. About 3 times a month Jagex tried to introduce something new.
  8. I swear that Jagex is being deliberately inflamatory with this. If they had given this item to Diango to give out for free to members, nobody would give a damn. When I pay for membership, I expect to be able to access all updates that I have the valid in game levels and requirements for that exist in the game during the time for which I have membership. I am assuming that Jagex had to offer some kind of promotion like this in order to get Gamestop to stock their cards (which would explain why it's not being offered with membership cards bought from other stores) and I find it very disappointing that and independant company with such a good history of standing apart from additional money-grabbing practices favoured by other companies (such as microtransactions) Jagex would sucumb to such demands.
  9. Just because the answer is already known, it doesn't mean that the answer is known via OCR. It is my understanding that neither word (or more acurately, neither combination of parts of different words) is readable via OCR and instead they use words that have already been proven unreadable by OCR and have instead been identified by humans.
  10. I killed him with very mediocre stats with the help of a spirit kyatt. I kept the pouch and scrolls in my tort for use when I had emptied it and it did pretty much 100% of the damage on his beserk stage as I was too busy chugging brews to actually hit him
  11. What, really? I thought it was the much simpler scenario: 1) If there are more sellers than buyers it sells for the lowest sell price Example: I put in an offer to buy 100 willow logs for 1k each. There is already a sellers offering to sell for 20gp I buy my 100 for 2k and get 98k back. 2) If there are more buyers than sellers then it sells for the highest buy price Example: I go to sell a cracker for 1b Someone already has a buy offer in for 1.5b I get 1.5b for my cracker.
  12. It was addy armor. Everyone could do it, at least at the time I did the quest, so it wasn't a bug. Also, they gave you addy armor so you wouldn't get wrecked while fighting during that part. You were taking control of an NPC skin, but still controlling your character with that specific gear. I'm pretty sure you're right about the addy armour though I remember I did the quest after I saw the pic and deliberately tried to recreate it but wasn't able. Maybe it was a really simple glitch that you achieved accidently? (or maybe I'm a noob...). where did people first think this, did a jmod tell us or somthing? It was shown on classic and probably confirmed by j-mods since though I know for a fact that a few months ago they said they fixed a bug where you'd keep the defensive stance bonus when switching between 2 weapons when you weren't meant to so that's indirect confirmation.
  13. NPCs Do have weapons and armour. I remember that someone (Possibly Brunokiller?) posted on the screenies thread that during a quest (believe one of the void ones) you take over the body of an NPC and get to move around as it. Now you're not meant to be able to do this but he managed to open the equipment screen through some bug and it showed that he was meant to be wearing a few pieces of armour (iirc it was generic rune stuff) but normally the character appeared to be wearing some sort of costume. I believe that this (along with the fact that you don't leech 100s of levels with curses) means that NPCs do have armour and weapons. As such, it could be argued that they could equally have attack styles although I think that would be a jump too far.
  14. Maybe I'm naive and showing my lack of knowledge, but wouldn't they have had to overcome all the problems described here when making the G.E.?
  15. Probably not the fastest, but a reasonable, cheap, non-inventory-space intensive method is duelling ring to MA then run. I can almost always run the whole way with about 80% run energy.
  16. Is that Gorgoroth/Slaytanicc? If so, glad you're back. I made extensive use of your Avianses guides back in the day. Do all quests and acheivement diaries (now tasks or some other bs). Look up about effigies. They're basically skill lamps with skill requirements Dung weapons are useful for virtually all combat, not just training slayer. ALL monster spots have more competition now, but maxed with turmoil and overloads you'll be fine. You can still do jad the normal way, he hasn't been changed. good luck!
  17. He could have stockpiled zeal too (I think, don't play SW)
  18. No, that would have been insanely overpowered if everyone who ever trained slayer in the 3 and a bit years before smoking kills came out suddenly got access to a backlog of points. Points can only be earned once you complete 5 tasks after completing smoking kills
  19. I can't check atm but I'm 99% sure a "chefs delight" or something similar gives a +5 boost at those kinds of levels.
  20. schmuall

    Hi, there

    No-one's going to be as bad as undo, though I do owe him/her/it for allowing me to make the post I'm most proud of in all my time here :) OT: Efficiency lovers and haters... why can't we all just get along? Runescape requires so little interaction with other players (sole exception of dung and minigames) that you really don't have to be around people who don't agree with you unless you want to. Ignore list is your friend.
  21. You're half right. IIRC let's imagine that your workers mine 50.5 coal a day. If you check after 1 day, This will be rounded down to 50 coal, however if you check after 2, it'll be 101 coal.
  22. I'm not 100% certain but I believe that with the bonuses, void mellee + deflector is best against low def monsters but less effective against higher def ones where bandos rates better. This of course assumes that you're not taking damage.
  23. :( Still possible that it will be on a nother day this week (it's happened before!) *prays*
  24. You'll have to unlock F60 by doing all the other released floors which should get a good few more people enough xp to access F60
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