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Construction Update

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Jagex released their newest update today,which most of you are aware is a new quest called 'Love Story'. After completion of the quest,I found out there were some new Construction updates,So I thought I'll post the information regarding this to help you all out.


Firstly we have a new room to our forever growing list of rooms in our Player Owned House (POH) as you may be aware this new room is called the 'Dungeon Pit' at requires level 70 Construction to build and costs a mere 10,000 coins.


Information regarding the 'Dungeon Pit'


The 'Dungeon Pit' is similar to rooms such as Dungeon Junction rooms.The room consists of four Door Hotspots which are the hotspots used to build/remove rooms.There's also space for two doors though,there is no need to build doors here as there are doors already in place when you go in normal mode with the examine option 'This only opens when the Pit Guardian is dead or inactive'.


The room also has space for Traps,Pit Guardian/s,Lighting and Decoration to say the least.


Decorative Blood,Requires level 74 Construction and needs 4 Red Dye to be constructed

Decorative Pipe,Requires 83 Construction and needs 6 Steel Bars to be constructed

Hanging Skeleton,Requires 94 Construction and needs 2 Skulls and 6 Bones to be constructed.


N.B,Nothing has changed for Decoration!




Candles,Requires level 72 Construction and needs 4 Oak Planks and 4 Lit Candles to be constructed

Torches,Requires 84 Construction and needs 4 Oak Planks and 4 Lit Torches to be constructed

Skull Torches,Requires 94 Construction and needs 4 Oak Planks, 4 Lit Torches and 4 Skulls to be constructed.


N.B,Nothing has changed for Lighting!


Pit Trap;


Minor Pit Trap,Requires 71 Construction and needs 45,000 Coins and 500 Fire Runes to be constructed.

Major Pit Trap,Requires 83 Construction and needs 125,000 Coins and 2,500 Fire Runes to be constructed.

Superior Pit Trap,Requires 96 Construction and needs 850,000 Coins and 4,500 Fire Runes to be constructed.


Pit Guardians;


Pit Dog,Requires 70 Construction and needs 40,000 Coins

Pit Ogre,Requires 73 Construction and 55,000 Coins

Pit Rock Protector,Requires 79 Construction and 90,000 Coins

Pit Scabarite,Requires 84 Construction and 150,000 Coins

Pit Black Demon,Requires 89 Construction and 300,000 Coins

Pit Iron Dragon,Requires 97Construction and 7,500,000 Coins


Note Below;

You may only build One Pit Guardian at a time,so if you want to replace it with a different Guardian you must remove the other one first.

There are Four Pit Traps in the room,so therefore you must build each trap separately to one another.






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