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Summoning to 57


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Right I've got about 250 crimsons right now. Im level 80 all combats and 63 slayer. What is the best monster to kill for crimsons at my levels without spending 10mil+ on equipments. Also what are the best ways to train summoning from 41 to 57. What is the most exp/hr and what has the best gp/exp ratio? Thanks very much for you help.

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Familiarization is incredibly helpful, obviously. Waterfiends are good, if you can kill those effectively. Dust Devils aren't too bad either. As for the actual leveling, well, it's been a while, so I couldn't help you there.

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Waterfiends are great. But at your level, both combat and summoning wise, they are going to be hard to kill.


I suggest you get to 65 slayer and kill dust devils or just kill greater demons. Black Demons are better crimson droppers, but for you level they will be hard to kill.


As for the leveling, take a look at Kent's guide in the AoW for what pouches with what charms and at what levels to make.

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