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SW Cape Vs Accumulator at Arma


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Quick question, should I use my SW cape or Acc at Arma?


Accumulator. Using a soul wars cape will either result in an unnecessary loss of money or will result in slower mini kills. Accompanied by the annoyance factor of trying to collect bolts without losing attack turns and the loss of ranged attack bonus the accumulator is the clear winner. If you need higher prayer bonus, trying switching from a DFS to a BSS. Use b2p tabs and eat the minor fruit from your fruit bat in between spawns to compensate for the defense loss.


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I prefer SW cape. With 99 prayer and gear of v helm fury arma top bottom bss sw cape I don't need ppots or super rests in trio (other than for sum points). I can live off altar and uni in a trio. But I can't speak for 71 prayer. There is time between kills to pick up bolts anyway.


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