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50% evil tree reward time from leprechaun

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hi, according to the wiki (http://runescape.wik...il_tree#Rewards),
"Players collecting the reward from a farming leprechaun afterwards will receive only half of the magical banking time.".

since i seemed to have unexpectedly low magical banking times when i collected my rewards from the leprechaun (as i did 100% of the time) I changed to collecting my rewards from the tree. i believe i get the expected amount of time chopping trees now.

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Interesting. We need someone to confirm this the next time they evil tree hunt and confirm it.(unless you have definitive proof)Interesting though. I will have to check it out myself the next time I find a tree.
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The time is less if you claim your reward from the Leprechaun versus directly from the fallen Evil tree. 50% sounds about right but I'd have to look through thousands of my screen shots to be positive.
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Thank you for your submission,

You have been credited and a note about receiving less time has been added to the guide.


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