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Hurro Again


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Been far too long since I posted here :P


pretty much I'm looking for work over the summer, so I need my own portfolio.


I have a start on it, now I'm stuck.


Help :)?


[hide=long :l]




Need thoughts on whether to have a 1 page site, with all my info below, or just have quicklink'd columns to seperate pages, comments would be awesome :)


(Any c&c on the already done sections would be cool too)

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I like the warm colors. How are you going to handle that slideshow deal on wider resolutions though I wonder? Are you just going to show more of the side images or what.


Also I'd do a one page portfolio personally but then again I'm just a big fan of one page sites. Lets you have everything right there and doesn't make the user dig around to find info.

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The slideshow is going to be a self created slider


The clients I hope to attract should be running at least 1024px wide monitors, so that shouldn't be too much of an issue.


For the 1 page, do you think I need an intro kind of bubble at the top ? Or move right into projects etc.

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The navigation bar should be above the slide show, in my opinion. Makes it a lot easier to notice, plus it's pretty standard so most people (or at least me) will look for it at the top out of habit.

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