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rock lobs guide + fog tokens.

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first of all, can i get some links to guides for rock lobster bursting.

secondly what should i spend my fog tokens on? (i have 365 and counting).


side question, whats the streat value of battle robes?


thanks in advance ^^


Either use your tokens to recharge your battle robes, or get a set if you can't get off GE or something. I've heard the street value is 10m but I could be way off.


Also, the AoW (Archive of Wisdom) is a great place to look for guides. Really great rock lobsters guide there. I've used it myself, it's really helped my summoning/magic. Intend to get charms for 92 and 99+ magic there someday. 99 magic will come much before charms do ;)


And yes, ze guide....



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