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  1. Most of you probably won't remember me but I used to make pixel signatures on these forums years ago as well as be pretty active in the Blogscape section. I left Runescape to play a game called Darkfall a while back and recently one of the developers left to join Jagex. In Jagex he works on the Darkscape project. I thought i'd ask what you guys think of a full loot pvp game mode of Runescape. (Also shamelessly plugging Darkfall) Some question I have about your guys' thoughts on full loot pvp; -Can you still make friends with people in the world or is everybody Kill on Sight? -How does contesting mob spawns work? Are people ever civil? -Have small "gangs" formed so that they can "zerg" (blob somebody with numbers) in order to remain safe? -Any good roleplaying coming from it? (ie: White knight players who protect and defend noobies?) Darkfall: http://forum.tip.it/topic/321533-darkfall-unholy-wars-full-loot-ffa-pvp-mmorpg/ The biggest difference between Runescape and Darkfall is that Darkfall is a 100% player run map. Clans siege cities to live out of. It would be similar to if Tip.It owned Falador and then RuneHQ sieging & taking control of Falador. Plus better combat.
  2. I would just like to gravedig my own post and point out that the new Darkscape is based off of this game. So... I was playing Darkscape before it was cool. -OG Hipster C14
  3. I've been playing the Darkfall title for about a year now and I'm having a blast. It's created and run by a small indie company called Aventurine and it's years ahead of its time compared to the PVP/Combat in every other MMO out there. -The game is full-loot open world FFA PvP so if you're fan of the adrenaline you get when pking back in the Runescape Wilderness, I seriously recommend trying this game out. -Its combat is FPS-based so you have to aim all of your shots in order to hit an enemy which i've never seen in an MMO before. You can't just click or tab-target to lock onto somebody which adds an extra element of player-skill to the game. -The map is territory/conquest controlled so alliances/clans can control physical cities on the map (not instanced like the ones in Runescape). Clans & Alliances are always sieging each other to try and take over cities and the politics involved are always fun to watch/be a part of. Here's a link to a picture of the Political map, it shows cities and what clan they're currently owned by: http://darkfallinfo.com/pmap2/map/index.php?mapserver=us1 -Player owned houses are also on the actual map! The player villages aren't instanced so if you want to buy a house you can choose which village on the map you want to live in and it'll say your name on it and everything. -The game has naval combat which is really fun. You can sail boats, fire cannons, board enemy ships and everything it's intense. Mage Perspective PVP Video Archer/Melee Perspective PVP Video Video of naval combat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=nVAPhU1xIbs#t=693 If anybody here either already plays Darkfall or is interested in playing it hit me up!
  4. C9 is still instanced though, at least RS is open world. As far as instanced mmo's go, I thought DCUO and DragonNest had more fluid combat than C9. For open world I have to say Darkfall Online wins. Openworld FFA, Full-loot PVP. What I think Darkfall and Runescape have over the other mmorpg's is the depth of crafting. Although, in Darkfall you can build boats and sail around :) You can even shoot cannons and take over other peoples ships out at sea. I agree with you though, the last tab-target game I played was SWTOR and it will also be the last. Ever since I got into the aim-based games I don't think I could ever go back.
  5. Yeah basically runescape went from a sandbox mmo into a themepark mmo. Problem is Jagex left a ton of sandbox elements in it and theyre getting more and more outdated every day.
  6. Yeah I think itll be on the buffs/debuffs page! Im pretty excited that theyre actually making combat interesting and more dynamic
  7. tbh reading your post felt like a bigger waste of time... I think if monsters dropped gear that was already at the degrading stage (some would drop gear at the 25 mark, others 50, 75 or 100 but NEVER at the ge sell point). It would balance out pretty well. they do something like this in Darkfall and it works out really well. Feels a lot like early RS when people actually got their skills up to make the gear.
  8. Does it bother anybody else that the only stat the OP has with more than 1m xp in it is his 99 fishing? How many hours of grinding er... I mean cooking fishies did that take you? I bet that was really fun. I think (cant be bothered to do the math) his 99 cooking is MORE xp than ALL of his other skills combined ;)
  9. WoW doesn't. you just can't change everything in combat, except weapons and shields. Every other game has a mechanic in place to prevent gearswitching that would give an unfair advantage. I fixed it for you :P
  10. Runescape's gear needs to degrade and then break/disappear forever in order to stabilize the economy if they were to lower the reqs on smithing that gear. Not saying bandos or barrows, but bronze-rune would need to change. How would it work? Gear would Degrade like barrows: Rune platebody Rune platebody 100 Rune platebody 75 Rune platebody 50 Rune platebody 25 Broken/gone forever. Only the non-used gear could be bought/sold on the GE, once its used it can be traded but NOT put on the ge. Once Bronze-Rune is made degradeable, you can lower the level req's. lvl 1 you can make full bronze lvl 10 iron lvl 20 steel lvl 30 mith lvl 40 addy lvl 50 rune In order for this to make complete sense, the mining reqs would need to be lowered as well. Then, ore nodes would need to work more like trees in that you can mine several ores from 1 rock before moving to the next. Because gear would be breaking, new gear would need to be made fast enough to replace them. I feel like lvl 50 to make top tier f2p gear is fair since most every other skill is p2p only after lvl 50. This would allow p2p quests to unlock new gear to make for lvl 50-99 as well. Picture a Grandmaster questline for Dwarf's where the reward is a smithing book (like spellbooks) that allows you to make ancient dwarf gear for lvl 50-70 (making this up) and then a dragonkin quest or a quest that takes you back to the 3rd age for smithing books for lvl 70-99. To add to what hedge and sinkhan have said, you could also use Runecrafting as a way to enchant gear. By using runes to enchant gear they could finally remove the need for runes to be used when casting combat spells. X amount of air,water,fire,earth runes + whatever would create a buff against air,water,fire,earth magic X amount of blood runes + whatever secondary mats would add a LP buff X amount of death/chaos/cosmic/whatever runes would make other buffs. Magic becomes balanced with the cost of meele&range while runecrafting earns a new purpose that is actually useful. You could also give runecrafting xp gains with binding runes to gear.
  11. Apart from the rules... people do that already. And just because every game has it, doesn't mean RS needs it. Every other game out there doesn't have tick-based combat. You can't always expect the rules to hold up... "It is against the rules to bot" yet we have random events... just in case. and the tired argument that RS is different isn't worth a response.
  12. They DO need a cooldown on gear switching. Every other game out there has it. What keeps people from making an AHK that equips a whole new gearset with just 1 click?
  13. Thought we could bump this since one of them is coming soon :D http://massively.joystiq.com/2012/06/08/mmobility-runescape-dev-details-new-combat-hotbars-and-critic/
  14. http://massively.joystiq.com/2012/06/08/mmobility-runescape-dev-details-new-combat-hotbars-and-critic/ I might come back after all :o despite the SoF crap.
  15. yeah your right i reread it. I wish though XD
  16. Did somebody already point this out? Will we be able to combine ankient with regular and lunar spellbooks?
  17. Biochem is a must. Reusable stims, medpacks and adrenals are so OP its not even funny.
  18. The bugs from the wheel are more fun than the actual wheel itself. Just got a guy into the duel arena fighting area by himself. No countdown, nobody to fight... he had to xlog just to get out lol.
  19. already did, but I dont encourage breaking rules so I cant tell you. shame shame. EDIT: the method didnt have to do with the xlog either.
  20. Yep they would use the wheel of failtune to use previously set staking terms from the last duel (one with their friend) and go into a boxing match and be able to use anything and everything (again, because the rules theyre under are the ones from the previous settings) while the new guy has to box and cant move, etc. It was a nightmare, lost a more than I want to say. The guy who glitched me now has 9bil though. Jagex will stick to their policy about how "we never return goods from scams" even though theyre completely to blame for this because they never test their shit. Was a fun day... not.
  21. I don't think so seeing as then they would like "lose" their Golden Joystick award for No.1 F2P MMORPG. Yeah having f2p and potentially winning awards for being No.1 F2P (although I think most judges seem to judge based on the p2p version of RS) Is basically free advertising. Take f2p away and they lose a huge chunk in their marketing.
  22. edit nevermind :S no goblins in gnome story
  23. yeah to be honest I dont agree with that imp to pub ratio they have since Ilum is basically 10 imps for every 1 pub lol.... but the class descriptions and all is pretty good for somebody starting out.
  24. [hide=SWTOR Classes Chart][/hide] ^ I found that when I first started SWTOR and it was super helpful in figuring all the classes out. I mostly pvp, and ive noticed that the classes to watch out for are the ranged dps'ers. Especially with the gunslingers/ops with their stealth/heal abilities it seems close to impossible to kill them off even AFTER the several nerfs lol. The games great up to 50. Storylines are cool, cutscenes are awesome, the classes are pretty fresh compared to other mmo's, etc. What I noticed though is that the game REALLY lacks in endgame content. 3 pvp warzones (huttball ROCKS) got old really fast but grinding 60 valor probably didnt help. I think the games real strength is that because of all the different story lines you can reroll as new classes and the game still feels different every time. I dont play as much as I was over winter break but if anybody wants to play with me heres the server im on and everything :) Server: The Maw Republic Side Toons: lvl 20 (at time of writing this) Trooper Commando named Nashville Empire Side Toons: lvl 50 Assassin named Georgia lvl 25 Bounty Hunter Powertech named Jimi
  25. Thats the flaw in RS to be honest. As time goes on and more are dropped every day (every hour?) the supply goes up but the demand (ppl lvl 60-70) stays the same. I wish they would adopt the "Bind on pickup" or even a "Bind on equip" idea from other games so that the item was valued more in terms of its rarity of getting as a drop and less of its "price on the ge". Once people wouldnt need it anymore (they get 80def+better gear) they would just alch it (Since itd be untradeable) and move onto the next tier of armor. A guy can dream, right? :)
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