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Chaotic at Bosses


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I have a CLS, I got it mainly for TDs and I don't really regret getting it.


Just thinking about some other uses for it, I mainly do bosses, I don't PvP at all. And if it makes any difference I'm maxed melee with turmoil and extremes.


Basically I want to know if CLS is better than the normal GS or ZS or whatever is the standard for that particular boss.

-Corporal Beast

-Saradomin Godwars

-Solo Bandos Godwars

-DK Solo/Duo Tribriding

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corp- no use zspear

sara- better than veracs/gs/whip

bandos- better than gs/whip

dks- whip is equal, long is better than balmung and gs


Rapier is equal or better than long at every boss besides sara.

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