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  1. Range is ok if you suck because steel titan does most of the damage Melee is still better if you can avoid the fire walls through the stepping through tatic
  2. 2/10 dungeoneering is an afkable buyable skill that takes no effort
  3. i have a 9200 glacor dry streak and a 15000 at tds
  4. ghjkl


    skip the tasks not hard
  5. why would you melee jad if mage is better
  6. no ovl no problem almost record with no ovl and a leech, but stupid lvl 199 ghost room
  7. why would you use curses if prayers are faster theres no point to a record with a handicap
  8. nope smokey did 1 in 38 minutes without trying that hard
  9. ghjkl

    wow RS sucks now

    yea this game sucks now
  10. just go on any world and get a full team for anything floor you feel like lying about then change the settings to floor 23 small c6 5:5 and enter and pretend you messed up and wait for everyone to quit then finish the dungeon and kill the boss and hopefully you get the arrow drop
  11. only thing that mattered today is that jagex added an annoying bar that takes up screen space
  12. this thing i didnt have it before on the rs client but now i do
  13. dfs-dragon defender abyssal whip-chaotic rapier, goliath gloves barrows armor-bandos armor berserker ring-berserker ring(i) godswords-chaotic rapier, whip, maul, dragon claws(for special attack) fury-still the best i would recommend not buying anything until prices stabilize in light of the combat rework beta testing fishing/woodcutting is terrible money, i recommend farming herbs and doing the managing miscellania minigame to make money
  14. at least i can access the beta next week only real update of the month for me
  15. first off you shouldn't mage fight caves but tokkul-zo will last the entire time
  16. no at hellhounds the spawns are too slow, like 1/3 of the time the cannon isn't even firing and most of the time i dont even bother with titan because its a pain, and because it adds little benefit
  17. watch this if you want to make money doing speed kilns if you want to do fight kiln effectively you are going to need 99 summoning it reduces the time from like 80 to 50 minutes a run
  18. we dont even need food to survivor prod a dungeon with only a plate bound so i dont see why people would bind more armor if dps will increase making damage taken in gds less
  19. 68 summ for bunyip/tortoise
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