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Helping a friend out (new member)


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So I am a pretty high level 117 and I have a good friend of mine that just started to play runescape for the first time with a new character of course. Due to the trade limits I am trying to help him out the best I can but it is slow obvious. Does anyone have any advice to helping my friend along besides giving him the very small max trade every 15 minutes? I mean I will be doing this as we hangout for the time being to help him gain some capital.


But I had the idea of lootsharing with him in places where he can maybe still fight? Maybe having him range/mage why I 'tank'?


Any ideas would be helpful one even a good monster thats accessable easily for a newer character.


Any other ideas helpful. Not looking for ways for him to get money himself he can do that on his own time, Im looking at ways I can advance him with my help.

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