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Chaotic Shields


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Well basically my question is are any of the Chaotic shields comparable to an Elysian or Divine.


I've been debating buying either an Elysian or Divine recently, I have the money for it, but if the Chaotic shields are as good or better I'd much rather get one of those than blowing a ton of money and have to deal with street prices of spirit shields.

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Oh hey, it's Kota.


Don't forget you also have to recharge the shields, and 2m for a few hours of combat isn't exactly cheap. Therefore, you lose money by using a Chaotic shield, whereas you could always sell maybe the spirit shield, resulting in more or less the same money and you bought it for (assuming it didn't crash or spike up), making it essentially "free".

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Repair costs aside, I already have a CLS that I use very often and the repair costs don't bother me at all.


I'll probably end up getting one eventually regardless of whether they're better or worse since I have a long term goal of 100 Dungeoneering.


Now my question is which one is the best. I mainly do things such as TDs, DKs, some GWDs every now and then, I don't do PvP but I do Clan Wars and such.

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