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Hey all,


I would like to get 50 summoning to hatch one of my raven eggs. I would like to get it as cheaply as possible while still not having to collect as many charms. What do you guys think would be best?



Here are the charms that I have now:


396 gold

290 green

36 crimson

7 blue



As you can see I'm probably going to have to collect more charms. Any help for what to do would be appreciated.





99woodcutting.png - 86,939th to 99 Woodcutting on July 10, 2010 (CHOPPED EUCALYPTUS TREES)

99fletchingr.png - Achieved 99 Fletching on November 23, 2010

99fishingc.png - Achieved 99 Fishing on November 2, 2011

99cookingo.png - Achieved 99 Cooking on November 7, 2011

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