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Solo Dungeoneering Advice


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My dungeoneering level is 47. I prefer to do the dungeons solo so I was wondering what is the best way to go about doing the levels now that mediums are available. Also, I really don't know much about the best ways to do this skill, like the best way to build up prestige and such. Should I stay on complexity 6 the whole time? If not when should I switch? When should I do smalls and when should I do mediums? Thanks for the help.

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For soloing small is deffo faster xp. Mediums take ages thou they can be fun.


stay on complexity 6, soloing lowering complexity doesn't speed it up enough to warrant the xp lose lower complexity gives.


Basic method is: Sell stackables to smuggler, alch everything else (bloodspindle staff = cheapest fire staff)

Buy and make your way to the best gear you can as you do and jsut work through all the rooms you can to max bonus % booster.


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