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Penance Horn


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I see a lot of players wearing the penance horn when they are charging it yet it is not required to charge it. Am I missing something here? This seems like a waste of the shield stot to me.

Quest cape obtained at combat level 83, march 07.

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just for show pretty much, they could use it to show off what lvl 5 they are

i wear mine wen im playing it but since i have a good def lvl it doesnt affect me much

The once was a mexican called pepsi,

Or maybe it's just he had Hep C,

He was a pretty cool bro,

Bros generally are you know,

He hailed from the land of 'taters,

He was known to hate many-a-hater,

He likes a girl named Lacey,

His thoughts about her are kind of racy,

And also his dad likes to [rooster].

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