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The Great Penguin Invasion


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As celebration for 100 versions of the Penguin Locations forum thread and 100 weeks of the world 60 penguin chats, a few of my friends have organized a mass bombing of Runescape with clockwork penguin suits and cabbages. At my friend's insistence, I made a little teaser video to promote it...


Youtube HD Video - This video will cause high CPU usage, to view the video in a lower quality, please click here.


Read the description if you'd like more information. And don't be too harsh, this is the first video of my making that I have actually uploaded to the interwebs. :wink:



Quest cape first achieved September 20, 2010

534/534 Tasks completed. Taskmaster first achieved June 23, 2012

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Not bad for your first video.


Im guessing your advertising for the v100 Penguin Week though,

in which case the most suitable forum would be here:



If you are advertising the video itself, ignore the 2nd paragraph. :P

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