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Simplest Game Ever


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Okay. I've tried modding moderate-complexity Dungeoneering style games (CyberDuels, SoN), as well as a high-complexity Hegemony-style game. None of them worked out. So I figured I have nothing to lose by starting a game so simple, it's..... simple.


Gameplay is Dungeoneering-style - you tell me what you wanna try to do, I roll to see if you do it excellently, poorly, or fail to do it at all. Absurdity will be factored into the roll - less absurd, more likely to occur.


There will be no experience points, stat points, whatever the hell you call them. Instead, I'll base extras off of how experienced I think you are - the more you've played, the better off you are in that regard.


Equipment will be limited to two slots - right hand and left hand. Backpack is limited based on what you choose to carry in it. Just remember, it's a backpack. Not hammerspace. Your character will be wearing basic linen clothing - bad things will happen if you try to remove or replace it. VERY. BAD. THINGS.


Magic is allowed, as well as just about anything you or I can think of.


Sessions will be held whenever I can be bothered to hold them. I hope to be bothered enough to hold them frequently, as modding won't require essentially any mental or multitasking strain on my part. As with most games run Dungeoneering-style, you gotta have 3 people here to start.


Oh, and you start with a basic weapon of your choice.

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hmm, plain clothing? BLASPHEMY! ^.^

"Don't get in my face, don't invade my space. I'll put you in your place.

I'll only tell you once, I'll never tell you twice. This is me being nice." ~Porcelain and the Tramps



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