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Signature, Avatar & Display Name Rules

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Signatures and Avatars


Forum Signature Limits are 700 pixels wide by 300 pixels high by 750Kb file size. There is a 10 image limit to a signature, but the combined dimensions/file size of all the images may not exceed 700 x 300 pixels x 750Kb. Avatar limits are 100 pixels wide by 100 pixels high, by 100Kb file size. Images in hide tags are still subject to our size restrictions. For signatures with images (regardless of size or how many) there will be a limit of 4 lines of text or 10 lines of text if you put them inside a hide tag. Each use of quote tags counts as one line of text in addition to the number of lines being quoted. In the case of signatures without images, please exercise common sense with the amount used. Excessive text in an imageless signature and other excessive or disruptive images or text will be removed at a moderator's discretion.


We do not permit religious, racial or sexual references/proclamations in signatures or avatars, this includes images and text. Quotes made by religious figures are allowable in signatures if the name is removed and the content of the quote does not promote or demote any religion. Religious, racial and sexual orientation content is permitted in the About Me section of profiles only, as long as the content is not bashing another religion/race/sexual orientation or advertising conversion.


You may only have one poképlushie/clickable/growable/hatchable animal in your signature. These images are also subject to our signature dimension limits, when unhatched and when hatched.


All other Tip.it Forum Rules apply in signatures, avatars and profiles (including the About Me section). However, the board Administrators reserve the right for final authorization and may approve, request you to change, or outright remove any image or text regardless of size if it's deemed inappropriate.

Display Names


What is the difference between Login Name and Display Name? A login name is what you use to log in to your forum account; login names never change and it will always be what you login with. A display name is the name visible to the public on forum posts and on user profiles.


All forum users have the ability to change their forum display name three (3) times per 365 days. It can be any 3 times within the year, but once all 3 changes are used, a new display name cannot be set until that year has expired. Staff will NOT be taking display name change requests if you have used all your changes up. To help keep track of users, you can add them to your friends list, or you can use the "Display Name History" option at the top of each of their posts or from within their profile.


Display names are held to the same standards as login names when it comes to appropriateness and user identity. Basic symbols, including spaces, are permitted. ( - _ ! # % & ( ) * + - . = ? @ ^` { } ¡ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ § © « ¬ ® ° ² ³ µ ¹ » ¿ ~ € ƒ æ ) All other Tip.it Forum Rules also apply to display names. Your username should not be illegible or otherwise difficult to read. You are not able to change your name to anybody's display name or login name. Names that are vulgar, offensive, abundant in superfluous symbols or otherwise irritating/inappropriate will lead to having your display name changed and could result in loss of display name privileges and/or temporary or permanent bans. We reserve the right to change unsuitable names or to remove validating accounts with unsuitable names at any time without warning.


Impersonating Tip.it Staff Members, Jagex Staff Members or other forum members is unacceptable. If you receive messages from anyone claiming to be Jagex Staff or anyone claiming to be tip.it staff not on this list, report them using our report function.

Inactive Account Names

  • Since implementing display names it's become clear that a lot of users want to use names which are occupied by old accounts which in some cases have never actually been used. We're constantly trying to look out for our active users, rather than those who may not return, and because of that, we're willing to offer old account names to those that want them providing the account that currently holds the name falls within certain guidelines.


    The guidelines are as follows:

  • The account with the name you want must have been created three (3) or more years ago from the current date; AND
  • Must have a "Last Active" date of three (3) or more years ago from the current date; AND
  • Must have 0 posts.
Alternatively, we will allow you to use the old account name if:
  • You own the old account and can prove it.
Please note that there will be no exceptions to these guidelines, although we may choose to revise them at a later date.


Account Display Names will be made available for use on a first come, first served basis.


If you wish to use an old account, please check it meets these conditions and then PM an active Administrator with the account name, they will then free up the account and change your display name.

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