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Trading Between RSC and RS2 Is Illegal!

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To: Jagex




From: Sunli








Hi! I am a admin on forum.tip.it and I have a question; I always thought it was illegal to trade rsc items for rs2 items? But I cant find that rule or that announcement anywhere? Could you please confirm if im right or not? The reason I ask is that several of our users post about them wanting to do such a trade.
















From: Jagex




Subject: Re: Your Recent Support Query




Date: 23 Jul 2004 13:12








Dear Sunli,








I can confirm that this is the case, we have set these games appart to be totally independent of each other and no interaction between the games is allowed. Also trading in this way is very open to scamming which is another good reason for it not to be allowed.








I hope this helps.
















Mod Halford




RuneScape Customer Support












I hope this clearlify any confusing about this rules now. Trading for rsc/rs2 items for rs2/rsc items is NOT allowed on this forum as against JAGeX rules. Any attempts in this way will be reported to JAGeX from us and the user banned immediately!


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