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Falador Tavern Rules & Guidelines

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Falador Tavern


Congratulations on finding the Falador Tavern! But are you unsure of where or how to start? Don't worry, over the course of this thread it will all be explained to you. If you are still confused please feel free to post any questions in the Help & Introductions thread.



What Is This Forum?


  • The Falador Tavern is a role-playing forum open to all users. There are many popular pre-existing role-plays here but all users are welcome to create their own :) If you see anything that confuses you just ask the GM who will attempt to explain everything to you.


Forum Rules & Guidelines


  • Game moderators run, manage, and set the rules for role-plays.
  • Individual rules are set for each role-play. Please abide by these rules. If you disagree with them, consult the game moderator.
  • Flaming is prohibited. All users should be treated with respect.
  • All other Tip.it Forum Rules apply.


Popular Games


  • Hegemony
    • Hegemony is a game where you act as the ruler of a country, you control troops, research technologies and rule the world! As a game of skill, the objective is to excel your nations before many others. The game can have many variations: Medieval, Space, Napoleonic and Fantasy. Hegemony usually has aspects of
AAR's and minor role-playing but at heart it's a game of tactics and creativity.



  • Dungeoneering is a role-play where you post your actions and the moderator decides the outcome of those actions. As a player you can take on different roles and peform different actions. These actions will give you skills which will improve your ability in a certain skill. Dungeoneering is played on the forum or on IRC where it is live and much faster then forum gaming.


Forum Roleplays

  • A role-play is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Players take responsibility for acting out these roles within a narrative, either through literal acting, or through a process of structured decision-making or character development


Zombie Survival

  • An ongoing debate with over five thousand posts! Discuss your plan in the upcoming zombie invasion.

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- 99 runecrafting - 99 prayer - 125 combat - 95 farming -

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