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Dung help

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Hey all,

Abritrarily decided to come back and play for a bit and get myself a rapier/longsword.

I am now 47 dung and have been researching the basics of dungeoneering and know what i'm doing to some extent.

I can now get up to floor 24 and am wondering what my best bet for exp/hour is. To what level should I rush and in a team and on what complexity?

I've found myself playing with people who clearly are worse than I am in terms of dungeoneering, is there any way to avoid playing with these morons? Any worlds/clans other than 117?

Ed :thumbsup:
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First of all don't get the longsword. Get the rapier! I own both and I personally will say that the only use the CLS has is to show-off.

I doubt any of the unofficial worlds would take you at your level, unfortunately. Could try 77 and try your luck there, but yeah 117 seems your only option outside of friends/clan members.

I recommend c1'ing your lowest floors and start trying to find team c6s when you feel comfortable with the xp the floors are giving you. If I only had access up to f24, I'd probably start to find teams at f20. Ik that doesn't leave many floors for teams, but you'll level quick enough and you don't have 30+ c1s to do like at later levels. If you still feel you are wasting xp, do a few of those midway floors solo on medium.

Not sure how many teams you'll find willing to do 5:5 larges on f20-24 though, so you may have to settle for 5:5 meds or something. Take what you can get at your level, once you reach the high 20s/low 30s, you could probably find large teams more easily on 117/77.

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I've found myself playing with people who clearly are worse than I am in terms of dungeoneering, is there any way to avoid playing with these morons?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Dungeoneering!!!

Any worlds/clans other than 117?

The only way to get into "elite" dungs in unofficial worlds is to either be a pro keyer in the 130s or have maxed melee and 85+ dung.

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