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  1. Hi. Been like 2 years since I was last on this thread. DVD
  2. You can only have one clue scroll at a time. The closest to having multiple is to drop your clue, get another from a monster, and alternate picking each one up.
  3. Lose No Hope


    What happened? :o Broke my 5th metacarpal while boxing. Wasn't the best way to start a bout
  4. Lose No Hope


    My right hand will be in a soft cast for another 2 weeks, then a hard cast for 3-4 more. It could be worse I guess
  5. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Will probably come back to rs with Ironman's release.
  6. Lose No Hope


    I had usher duty during a brigade review parade today. Greeted and saluted a few dozen officers. Notice in the corner of my eye an officer coming by during the parade. Turn to salute. Oh hi Gen. Odierno. Well that caught me a bit off guard..
  7. Lose No Hope


    Good times.. minus a few warnings and a temp ban I managed to get in the process :p
  8. Sleeping in past 12 on a weekend. Feels great at the time but I lose half the day.
  9. Zoo by Prof He has some entertaining songs and decent flow
  10. Skyping with my best friend. Getting through a week here and being able to actually relax on the weekend.
  11. By that do you mean they actually followed through with what they claim, or that they have a second agenda when they do things for their friends? I can't speak for others, but this is one of the things about myself that I'm actually certain of. I'm a people pleaser in the sense that I'll go out of my way to make someone's day even just a little better. I know I get taken advantage of sometimes, but I hate the idea of letting someone down or being able to do something and not doing it because it didn't directly benefit me.
  12. I will do anything for my friends, and they know they can always come to me with anything. I've always found the best way to make someone happy is doing the small things.
  13. Contemplating whether to make most of my upcoming dinners poptarts out of sheer laziness of moving to the mess hall
  14. Lose No Hope


    First week of college has gone pretty well. Club volleyball tryouts next week and I had my first open gym today :D Also, hi TIF. It's been a while
  15. I forgot about cookies. Bought antimatter with what cookies i already had
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