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The Nex Hunters

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The Nex Hunters are a small group of players with high combat levels and carefully honed PvM skills that enjoy cooperatively fighting Nex. We emphasize learning, improvement, and teamwork. Hunting Nex can be a profitable venture - many of the members of this team have earned a billion or more in their shares alone. However, for many of us, Nex is not as much about the profitability as the challenge, gaming experience, and entertainment.


As a result of our approach to Nex, our team is quite different from the norm. Now, we are founding a clan that will bring other like-minded individuals together and show them our methods. We hope to establish a strong community where everyone can learn to be better players, meet trustworthy teammates and friends, have fun, and make plenty of gold in the meantime. If this sounds like a community which you would like to be part of, read on.


Nex is, unfortunately, not for everyone, and we ask that all applicants meet the following requirements:




99 Attack, Strength, Defense, Magic, Ranged, Constitution

96 or higher Summoning

95 or higher Prayer

93 or higher Herblore




Chaotic crossbow

Dragon claws

Ranger boots

Amulet of fury


The other gear slots are more flexible, and options are provided in the guide we provide to all applicants and team members.


Other requirements


Rigour prayer unlocked

Full ancient ceremonial robes

Skype - preferably with a microphone

An additional 100M in cash (This is not an entry fee, it is merely to show you are capable of affording all the necessary supplies. You may include the value of your Saradomin brews / Super restore potions / Ruby and Diamond bolts (e) for this requirement.)

Ability to join the clan chat




This clan will operate primarily in coinshare. However, loot will still be fairly distributed if for some unfortunate circumstance (lag, disconnect, death) you are unable to obtain your split of a drop. The emphasis of this team is on working together, and we expect all members to look out for one another. Share supplies with those who need them, bless those who fall, communicate well, and always think of the team's welfare. Watch over your teammates, because they will watch over you, too.


If you meet all of the requirements and feel like this is the right clan for you, PM me (Soma2035) in Runescape, or join "The Nex Hunters" clan chat for more information on where and how to apply.


Feel free to post any questions you may have here.

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