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    Reverence is arguably just as good at Nex, for the very reason you just said. For RSOF teams, Reverence is generally better, as the purpose is to deal the minimum damage needed to remain on the team, while staying as long as you can so that you aren't forced to teleport prematurely. In teams where loot is actually shared, it depends heavily on how experienced your team is. Teams that are coordinated to bank, restock, and return quickly benefit more from the increased kill speed, while teams that spend a significant amount of time banking are better off prolonging their trip by a kill whenever possible. Also, members with better gear benefit from Reverence more, as later in the trip, they will be using their Super restores primarily for prayer and not so much for stat restoration (I have personally gone through several 4-man and 5-man kills using one Saradomin brew or less, usually just to heal off Overload damage.) In contrast, someone constantly using Saradomin brew will find themselves using a lot of Super restore anyways and losing their excess prayer to Nex's draining tactics. As far as which aura to buy now, I would make a list of the ones you like most. Then purchase the one with the most expensive normal price, assuming you don't need them soon. By buying the more expensive one now, and the cheaper one after, you will have more points remaining than if you did it the other way around - points that can be saved for future possible upgrades, other auras you may decide you want after all, or emotes/titles.
  2. Because that wouldn't be at all overpowered. Imagine Castle Wars with a Guardian's ward + grounding boots and full sagittarian, or Nex with a hexhunter bow. Corp with a primal spear, etc, etc. It would make Dungeoneering essentially give out the best items in the game, making almost all other methods redundant, as well as making the current chaotics useless, why would you ever choose a chaotic crossbow over a hexhunter bow, what monster do you actually range that doesn't use magic? Nex with an HHB would be kind of crappy. The average Ruby bolt hit is around 280. Even if HHB hits 800s, its average hit will only be around 340 thanks to the 500 damage cap. Improving your average hit by 60, at the cost of a shield and like 90 ranged attack? That's not even considering curses phase where it becomes even worse, with your average hit dropping to around 270, while Diamonds average around 240. This is again, assuming the HHB hits 800s, and at the cost of a shield and around 90 ranged attack.
  3. It's a skill, quests are going to require it and use it just like any other skill. Bleh, it's a minigame, not a skill. Points: [hide]- I lol'ed IRL at the Elfinlocks scene :lol: She's the #1 unluckiest NPC going. - The multi-character control was really good, I liked that. - Puzzle rooms were ok... #2 was harder than #3 to be honest. - BOOM SLUG GOT PANCAKE'D. Kinda disgusting but slightly satisfying. - What the f*** with Lucy at the end, way to finish on a depressing note Jagex :([/hide] 1) It appears on the list of skills in the skills menu. 2) You gain experience points and it levels up following the same formula as any other skill (only going past 120) 3) It is included in the sum of your skill levels 4) It comes with skill capes, that incidentally also trim other skill capes It doesn't matter if you personally feel it is designed more like a mini-game or a skill, because it's officially a skill and will be treated as such.
  4. It's a skill, quests are going to require it and use it just like any other skill. Did you complain about All Fired Up forcing Firemaking on people so much? Or the Void series forcing Smithing, Crafting, and Construction on people? Or maybe While Guthix Sleeps forcing people to do Herblore Farming and Hunting? How about all the quests that have used Summoning since Summoning was released? The only difference is that when you add Crafting to a quest, it's to build a device or solve a short puzzle to build something, and when you add Dungeoneering, it's a short foray into a Dungeon with NPCs. Conceptually, it's the same - a skill being incorporated into a quest.
  5. The Nex Hunters, a Nex team that started out as high level Tip.Iters. Most of us are fairly inactive on TIF now, if we haven't left completely. Check out the link in my signature for more information if you'd like.
  6. Depends heavily on your team's skill and experience level. RSOF teams go anywhere from 6:2 to 6:4, even with a healthy mix of Pernix items and some Divine/Elysian spirit shields being used. A 6:2 typically takes around 40 minutes including banking time while a 6:4 will probably be around 50 minutes. This results in 3 to 4.8 kills per hour, or 0.5 to 0.8 kills per person per hour. With the average item being worth about 250M at the moment, at 1:32, that's 64 to 40 hours per drop's value per person, or 4-6M per hour. TNH easily manages 5:3, often gets 5:4 with experienced members. We also generally coordinate better - our 5:3s typically run about 40 minutes including banking, and our 5:4s typically run about 45 minutes. That yields 4.5 to 5.3 kills per hour, or .9 to 1.1 kills per person per hour. At those figures it's 36 to 29 hours per drop's value per person, or 7-9M per hour. From friends/associates who are in PiD, probably the most distinguished Nex hunting team currently, I've heard that their average teams are like high-end RSOF teams as far as killing rates. They have a few particularly strong teams that consistently manage around 1 Kppph too.
  7. Longsword is pretty much always outclassed by Rapier or Maul in PvM. The discussion is about which is better, not which is cooler. If you have nothing to contribute in regards to which is better, then keep your comments to yourself, as they are completely irrelevant.
  8. My log shows approximately 1 unique drop per 33 kills. Combined with Maz's, our average rate is 1 in 32 roughly. However, don't expect it in 35 kills. I've personally gone almost 200 kills dry before, and I've gotten back to backs several times now. If you expect a drop every 35, changes are you're going to be sorely disappointed.
  9. rapier was inferior to CLS for slashing purposes though against high slash defense monsters. If the new whip rises as the new ultimate slash weapon, it's going to be the CLS that loses its use. Whereas rapier would probably just get demoted to best nonspear stab weapon This. Rapier will still likely dominate in a lot of situations. Iron/Steel/Mithril dragons are significantly weaker to stab than they are slash, the upgraded whip would have to be amazing (or a stab weapon) to trump Rapier there.
  10. We had something similar for Farming. What was the teaser for farming? IIRC, you could start getting tools. I think seeds too. I don't remember too clearly.
  11. We had something similar for Farming.
  12. The Nex Hunters are a small group of players with high combat levels and carefully honed PvM skills that enjoy cooperatively fighting Nex. We emphasize learning, improvement, and teamwork. Hunting Nex can be a profitable venture - many of the members of this team have earned a billion or more in their shares alone. However, for many of us, Nex is not as much about the profitability as the challenge, gaming experience, and entertainment. As a result of our approach to Nex, our team is quite different from the norm. Now, we are founding a clan that will bring other like-minded individuals together and show them our methods. We hope to establish a strong community where everyone can learn to be better players, meet trustworthy teammates and friends, have fun, and make plenty of gold in the meantime. If this sounds like a community which you would like to be part of, read on. Nex is, unfortunately, not for everyone, and we ask that all applicants meet the following requirements: Skills 99 Attack, Strength, Defense, Magic, Ranged, Constitution 96 or higher Summoning 95 or higher Prayer 93 or higher Herblore Equipment Chaotic crossbow Dragon claws Ranger boots Amulet of fury The other gear slots are more flexible, and options are provided in the guide we provide to all applicants and team members. Other requirements Rigour prayer unlocked Full ancient ceremonial robes Skype - preferably with a microphone An additional 100M in cash (This is not an entry fee, it is merely to show you are capable of affording all the necessary supplies. You may include the value of your Saradomin brews / Super restore potions / Ruby and Diamond bolts (e) for this requirement.) Ability to join the clan chat Expectations This clan will operate primarily in coinshare. However, loot will still be fairly distributed if for some unfortunate circumstance (lag, disconnect, death) you are unable to obtain your split of a drop. The emphasis of this team is on working together, and we expect all members to look out for one another. Share supplies with those who need them, bless those who fall, communicate well, and always think of the team's welfare. Watch over your teammates, because they will watch over you, too. If you meet all of the requirements and feel like this is the right clan for you, PM me (Soma2035) in Runescape, or join "The Nex Hunters" clan chat for more information on where and how to apply. Feel free to post any questions you may have here.
  13. Funny. The day you ask to see it soloed, I find a video of a nex solo. His method is similar to the method I'd use if I were to try to solo, but I'd opt for Vesta's longsword over Dragon claws, bring Recover special potions, and use the lure spot only to delay her so I can spam more spec pots. Also, switch Torva for specials. EDIT: Judging by the description, the video-maker wasn't the first to solo; his friend was, and it seems like his friend has already been no-lifing soloes. Which really isn't bad considering that at 40 minutes per kill + a 5 minute bank, you're getting 1.33 kills per hour, much better than the typical team ATM.
  14. Taken directly from the first post. :rolleyes: But who reads on a forum, right? Why do you assume you can't solo Nex? Here's some facts: - Logdotzip has already gotten past Blood phase solo, with plenty of supplies left. - Ice can be beaten solo with only a handful of restores and 1 or 2 brews if you are lucky with prison-breaking. - I've personally beaten 2/3 of curses solo with only a few potions (was duo and team mate accidentally teleported right after we began). It takes a long time but it's definitely doable. - You can keep 28 additional potions in the room for a whole hour if you use a bless account, 56 if you create two graves (blessed items stay for the whole hour even if the gravestone is destroyed) In fact, at this point I'm sure Nex can be soloed. And I would rather spend all day trying to succeed at a Nex solo than no-life any other boss for a day (except maybe TDs). And I HAVE spent days no-lifing Nex, as have many others. EDIT: So, the thing about Yak items being dropped into your grave was a rumor started by someone who can't count. My bad. Doesn't really matter though.
  15. I wouldn't no life any boss except for Nex. Other than TDs, they're all insanely dull, and none of them really pay out well anymore either. With a good team, you can expect several times the profit from Nex than you can from any other boss. And you can most definitely no-life Nex. The team I'm a part of has under 20 members, and we've kept 4-6 man trips going for over 8 hours before pretty easily.
  16. :wall: I thought posting bad advice was considered trolling now.
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yL1AgOqnYYE To give you an idea what typical labor conditions are like in China nowadays. Consider that these aren't criminals. They are people who are willingly doing this to earn a living.
  18. Fair enough. And no I wasn't offended. I just found it kind of bizarre that you would assume you speak for everyone. Speaking of engineering, my friend happens to be in bio-engineering lol. In any case, the point is that sleep deprivation might be cruel and harmful, but it's still nowhere close to some of the horrifying things we humans do to each other today, especially in China. The whistle blower may have had a very hard time as an inmate, but it's not even close to what some of his peers are undergoing at similar facilities, and him calling it torture still seems a bit laughable, considering the disgusting methods of torture that the word calls to mind.
  19. See, that's the thing that makes this ridiculous. Waterboarding at a -9 or -10? I think it would be exaggerating to call it a -4. You're awfully naive about the amazing ways human's have invented to inflict pain on one another, both psychological and physical. Which is the crux of the matter - when you consider what other atrocities are committed today, forcing people to spend exhausting hours playing a computer game to make you money doesn't even come close to genuine "torture". I like how you automatically assume you know everything about everyone. Sorry, but that's just not true. This particular friend doesn't go to parties, and doesn't spend time socializing with his classmates besides the rare moments he has between classes. Why? Because he's at his home, either studying, or sending e-mails to his professors asking for clarification about the homework, because the professor stated "0 < x < 0" in the homework assignment. Just because some college students get off easy doesn't mean all of them do - there ARE genuinely hard-working college students who spend ridiculous amounts of hours, cutting into their sleep, just to keep up. Not so many decades before that women weren't people under the law, so does that mean that it would still be okay if other cultures treated women like that? Oh, wait. That actually happens, and we all get upset over it. Also, I'm pretty sure those children were not hit with metal pipes and allowed to have a proper night's sleep. I don't recall who said it, but I once read (and I'm paraphrasing here) "You can judge a society on how it treats is prisoners.". Actually, I'm pretty sure this kind of schooling still exists today. I've heard horror stories from my cousins still in Taiwan about how harsh their education system is recently, but they're quite ambiguous. The only more detailed accounts I have are from my parents' generation, which is why I said "a few decades ago." To be fair, the reason my friend's college life is so miserable this quarter is because his professors are incompetent as well as ridiculous. Normal college students don't have to put up with crap like assignments undergoing 5 different corrections because the professor can't figure his own class out, all done the night the assignment is due.
  20. Which is just ordinary Chinese prison culture, if not less harsh than. The point isn't that it's acceptable, the point is that picking this as a sign of the inhumanity going on over their is laughable, because comparably, this is a very small issue.
  21. Definitely not torture. They're not even trying to get information out of them![/sarcasm] 1) So... they required menial labor? And they demanded more work and had worse working conditions? Sounds like the rest of the impoverished population in China. 2) Oh, so they're punishing the inmates for poor work in the same fashion that elementary and middleschool students in their schooling system are punished for their poor work. Forced to stand in uncomfortable positions and beatings. Again, this is torture how? Within the past few decades, forcing students who perform badly to stand, either holding their arms up or carrying heavy weights, and beating them with wooden/plastic devices, was not only the norm but the EXPECTED in the public schooling system. As in, the parents accepted it as reasonable punishment to instill a strong work ethic. This is a cultural thing, not a sadistic thing. One of my friends here on TIF (who I now know IRL, and attends the University of Washington in Seattle) has been complaining non-stop this quarter about how he is lucky to get 10 hours of sleep per week, because of incompetent professors assigning reports at incredibly late hours, and the oversized workload. For the same reason, he's barely been able to play Runescape, or in fact, do anything else besides work. I assure you - he is not alone. Not to mention, he doesn't work yet - plenty of students have part-time jobs, compounding this problem. And students in Taiwan within the past few decades WERE beaten into submission if they misbehaved. It was expected of the teachers that they were proper disciplinarians. Even elementary and middle school students were punished this way (although they weren't beaten as badly).
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