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RBH v Bigger PKers [jagex Cup 20v20]

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After having a no-show last night we massed up stoked for our first Jagex Cup war. We pulled a lot less than we expected but were confident we could win even if we were outnumbered. As we were getting ready to hop to the war world I realized I was still on ancients and raged but didn't tell anyone because they're all slack jawed phaggots that would make fun of me :sad: . So before the war even started we were down a binder. On the war world we saw their pile only had 17 people which gave us a large confidence boost. We got the challenge and got ready to do work.

RBH Starting: 17 after kicking some foreigner named papibaklgraf from our friend chat
BP Starting: 17

We met in the middle and engaged in battle. I silently raged as our binds slacked but we had sufficient KO power to compensate. We kept it close to start out with despite having two piles bail far, far out of bounds (same person both times). Then when it was 14-14 we ripped through their pile with transitions taking it down to 14-11 and all but securing the win. As we piled their second to last binder, I was sent to go snipe their last one and we cruised to a 12-0 victory.

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A3f for tribriding like a hero
Dog--blue and Paul for tanking us to victory
Rob for being the only one to spam "For liquor and [bleep]" with me.

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Grats RBH, good luck on your fight next round. :)


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Gratz RBH :thumbup:

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