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TRWF vs RKOF (PKRI) & THE (Jagex Cup)

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TRWF | GMT based PVP clan | www.warhungers.com | #trwf on irc.seersirc.net

We had two fights today, a pkri with RKOF and a fight with The Clan for the 20v20 section of the Jagex Cup.


Rkof approached us looking for a challenge and we quickly set up a 1 hour cap with the following rules.

  • All styles
  • 5 snipers
  • Spiders - GDS rock
  • Low ops attack

We pulled a solid 40-ish and Rkof had around 30. Nonetheless we set up to defend and Rkof rushed us. From the start we were doing work and Rkof had to do a few regroups but they recovered well each time, after around 30-40 minutes of fighting they decided to call of and we took ending with a solid 40 and then we logged out.

Thanks for the fight RKOF and good luck in your future fights.

Trwf starting opts: 120
RKOF starting opts: 90

Trwf ending opts: 120
RKOF ending opts: 0

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Ending(-30 opts due to assist)
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TRWF vs The

We set up our 20v20 for the JCUP to take place today at 4 EST.

We set out into the portal and selected our 20 best fighters to match with THE's 17.

We had possibly one of the worst starts I've seen in a long time with THE getting a quick 1 hit and nearly another one. So we kept the 2 kill gap for about 5 more kills and then we just went through all the blasters and ko'd them left and right. We quickly finished up our fight with some solid tanking from some of our members.

Thanks for the fight THE and good luck in your future fights.

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Stormfolk | TRWF Clanfriend

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Good Fight THE and RKOF :D

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Gratz TRWF :thumbup:

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