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Dutch Deflection Clan


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Are you looking for a clan that is relaxed and has fun events? Then this is exactly the clan for you!

Our clan is called Deflection and we are a Dutch (NL + Vlaams) Community that likes chatting and having fun together. It's open to both skillers and fighter and a mix of both ofcourse.


We have lots of events every week for you to contribute to! We have events ranging from GWD, DKS, KBD to BA, GOP, SC, dungeoneering, citadel building, etcetera...


We are also aiming to get a very nice citadel and hope you are willing to help us with that too :smile: At the moment we're working very hard to reach a tier 3 citadel!

We have about 60 clanmembers at this moment!


The requirements to join our clan are:


- Either 100+ combat or a total skilling level of 1000+ (i.e. total level without combat skills)


- You must be Dutch (Vlaams of Nederlands)


- You need to be social and willing to help your clan!


That's all! I hope you like it and that we will meet soon!



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