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Poison vs Divine Forces

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Round 1: For Jagex Cup full out


Poison Starting: 24

Divine Forces Starting: 46




Knowing we wouldn't be able to do much for the Jagex cup fight, we just brought a massive range unit and killed as many as possible.


Poison Ending: 0

Divine Forces Ending: 42




Round 2: Matched all styles with dg on


Poison Starting: 26 dropped to 21

Divine Forces Starting: 21




Our first pile was a 1 shot as our tank did very well for a kill and a half. Our 2nd kill tanked a few more kills, and lastly our third tank did the rest. Our KO power transitioned all over DF hybrids.


Poison Ending: 18

Divine Forces Ending: 0








I'd like to thank Divine forces for giving us a matched after our Jagex cup fight. And great job Poison, keep it up. And Happy Birthday DF. :thumbsup:


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Couldn't be there. Grats Poison on your round 2 win.


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good job P++!!

keep it up! :D


♥ Ex Condemned Army Founder | Ex Silent Ember Council ♥

♥ Aces of War Legend ♥

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