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The Social Family

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Hello and welcome to The Social Family clan!


We are an English skilling orientated clan with the intention of providing a home where members can socialize and assist each other as they progress.

The clan is primarily a Social clan, If you have any questions about the clan, feel free to pm me or post here, or on our forums, and we'll be happy to answer.


Quick Links!

| Site Forums: Forums

| Register: Register!

| Applications Board: Applications Thread

| Memberlist: Members

| Clan Rules: Community Rules


(¯"º.,¸_¯¨`' ·,¸*°*¸Requirements¸*°*¸· '´¨¯_¸,.º")

Friendly and respectful

Be active.

P2P & F2P Members


(¯"º.,¸_¯¨`' ·,¸*°*¸Clan Information¸*°*¸· '´¨¯_¸,.º")

Clan Chat: The Social Family

Clan Owner: Ashley Ftwz

Clan Homeworld: 24

Clan Time Zone: GMT-5 (mostly American,Australian and UK)

Members Count: 8


(¯"º.,¸_¯¨`' ·,¸*°*¸Rules¸*°*¸· '´¨¯_¸,.º")

1. You must be able to write in English.

2. You must NOT be in any other clan.

3. You must stay active in the clan / forum (If your going to be inactive for a while then please PM me or another Administrator)

4. Help recruit if you have any spare time. (If you help recruit, and help get more members you will get a better rank in the Clan & on the Forum

5. No Botting, if you are caught botting you will be removed from the Clan as soon as possible


(¯"º.,¸_¯¨`' ·,¸*°*¸Our Goals / Aims¸*°*¸· '´¨¯_¸,.º")

The clan in the near future will be seeking to have:


- Active members

- Respectively for American/ Australian timezones/ UK Timezones.

- Clan events (Castle Wars, Clan Wars, Pest Control etc, etc)

- Player vs Monsters (Godwars, Kalphite_Queen, Corporel Beast, etc)


Note: I am looking for staff members, such as Administrators, Moderators & Clan Leaders (Please PM Ashley Ftwz)

Note: You must put your Applications in at > Applications Board


Thank you for visiting The Social Family clan recruitment topic!

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Still recruiting guys!



Hi, ive been looking for a social clan. Noone ever talks in the one I'm in(pretty sure they're mostly botters :P). Sooo I'm down to join, PM me if your interested? or reply on here. Stats / account names in my sig

Arm0red Car-70 def 87 Range 82 Magic 77 combat

X X F D X X- 73 attack 82 strength 40 defence 74 combat

Playing RS since 2001ish

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