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The Phoenix Legions versus Team Crossfire

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The Phoenix Legions







Classic, Center Bounds - ATTACK ON SIGHT

All Styles - Knock-out - Matched +2 for TPL

Ring On

Dung On

Corrupt Off

Sniping Off


TPL Starting: 14*

+Gorgans Eye (level: 126)

+FreedomV (level: 105)



*Picture includes 17. I didn't get the matched opts picture.


CF Starting: 12

+Rashid B2K (level: 121)



TPL Ending: 4

CF Ending: 0


Crossfire were late to this round and needed more members to match our pull, so we gave them a couple extra minutes to gear and call friends. Too bad Round Two was cancelled for the late start. We really wanted to get our newer members in that round.


Attacking on sight, we piled Jas who was calling to put a dent in their organization. It was bind upon blast. Range upon melee. Melee upon bind. Everything TPL, we threw it at them. We kept a constant +2 opts with CF for a while until we downed eachother 8-7.












By that point of the war, CF started to camp in the center and pick off people with their rangers. It looked a lot like sniping because they kept pile hopping but we didn't make a big deal about it. One of TPL's tankers ended up DC'ing in the arena, so it brought the fight to a match.




The remainder of our force took over and did well keeping themselves on CF. However, only our rangers had survived as CF downed all our mages. Tanking was a bit rough on us because of the All Styles war, but everyone pulled through greatly. Even though we ended with such low numbers, we're still proud of that win against Team Crossfire, because it was a tough war from the start.


Here, we saw some great leadership, calling, and coordination that pulled through once more.


Great job Crossfire. Great job Phoenixes!

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well done Phoenixes! :mrgreen:


♥ Ex Condemned Army Founder | Ex Silent Ember Council ♥

♥ Aces of War Legend ♥

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