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  1. Great events, cool people and lots of events! Join in the fun! :)
  2. Looked fun and interesting, grats! :D
  3. Each update has its ups and downs. Sometimes you just have to adapt to it.. since it won't change back to the way it used to be. Cheer up yo!
  4. Forums probably won't die. The clanning section may however.
  5. Grats, and good luck finishing off your goals.
  6. Rapier is much better as it allows for quicker switching and attacks. Maul may deal more damage but is considerably slower in motion.
  7. I'm sorry to hear, I never knew much of him but my condolences to his family and loved ones. ~ Sf Brave.
  8. Dark Legacy versus Team Impulse Sukh challenged Team Impulse to a war, (3 day prep) and agreed to the following rules: Rules: - 1 HourCap CWRI - All Styles - Melle on - Range on - Binds on - 3 Snipe cap - Rings on - Blast on - Corrupt off - Dungeoneering on - Ml Only We were wondering about our pulls as people had IRL commitments that they needed to attend to. On the brightside we pulled 17 to Impulse's 12. We picked our callers and set out for a great war. We first piled an easy target and strove higher and higher and pulled a well deserved win. At 30 minutes in, Impulse's numbers were not increasing and there were 6 left, we killed 5 and the last one left the war, leaving us victorious. Great job, Dark Legacy. Thanks Cody for leading. :thumbsup: Before as we enter: Starting: People: Ending: Team Dark Legacy: 16 People (46 Kills) Team Impulse: 0 People (26 Kills) Some Kills: Tizi90: Sikbreadbin: Thanks for the fight Team Impulse! Join the Legacy!!!!
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