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  1. So 1 week ago, our Officials approached Hell Imps, and the Rules they agreed on were as follows; Map: Turrets Style: 1 Hour CWRI M/B/R Ring: On Dung: On Corr: Off Sniping: Off War World: 33 ML ONLY I will admit, the days before a lot of the clan doubted we could pull well and bring home the Victory, but it seems we surprised ourselves. TPL Starting: 21 (Sadly no Pic) HI Starting: 19 (Sadly no Pic) The War Started off with both Clans KOing there first pile in very little time, but then as Hell Imps Proceeded to make there 2nd Pile, they seemed to pick off a very decent tank which was able to tank an extra 3 kills for us, making it a 4-1 Kill Score to TPL, and after that 3 man Lead, we never looked back. Dropping a Pile every few seconds, we kept the pressure on Hell Imps Pile, till it got to a stage where they couldn't handle it, and ended up sending about 2 or 3 Snipers on us, but that did'nt affect the war for us, we just fought on and wrecked there snipers. Nothing was going to stop us from our Victory this war. The only issue with the war was how Hell Imps complained if someone anti-sniped there snipers by saying "No Snipers" but were persistent in Sniping our pile. (Sadly No Picture at this Time) Either war, we pushed on the whole 1 hour cap of the fight Killing Pile all over the map, we had great binds and a range unit which really paid off in bringing us home the Victory. Ending: The War Video for anyone who is Interested (has proof of the sniping somewhere in it): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hufnSvHbNhk
  2. Was A fun war :D Seeing as were not P2P based clan, we did very well.
  3. Was fun, Good Fight Chaos Legion <3
  4. A week ago we approached RaR Cowboy for a week prep with TPL seeing as their wars are always fun. He accepted and we agreed on the following rules: - 2 Rounds: 30 Mins CWRI and matched opts - CWA Classic - Dung On - Corr Off - Melee + Binds + Range - 1 sniper second round Round 1 Our pull was decent seeing as it was Father's day. We got off a to a great start one shotting our first few piles and took advantage straight away, ending up having a double lead. Later on mid fight we started getting people DC'ing due to the mexican world Cowboy picked. With half our clan DC'ing we still gave it our best and put our 100% into it, we also tried out two new callers who did great! The fight was very intense with many of our Members tanking amazingly, the odd DC out got them a kill. Round 2 Second round we started off a man down with a DC but gave it our best. It went from losing 9-11 to drawing 8-8 to leaving cc at 4-4. Thanks for the fight TPL
  5. RaR Cowboy (TPL's Warlord) approached us Today after a clan they warred got timings wrong and requested a short prep, we gladly accepted even though they gave us 20 minutes to prepare to their 2 day prep. We agreed on the following rules: - CWA Classic Centre Bounds - Dung On - Matched Opts - Corr Off - All Styles We had a surprise pull compared to theirs, we outnumbered them. Starting: We got off to a great start with a quick KO and from there, there was no looking back. With some amazing styles, binds, tanks and quick calling on ts. We ended them in literally 5-10 mins. Shoutout to Mdtank0 for his amazing tank. This was posted to show any Clans out there that know us or just random people, that New Destiny is not a dead clan.
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