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  1. A few days ago Newland approached me for a war seeing as our last war was epically close. Knowing it was going to be a challenge since this time they had a longer prep, I accepted. - 2 Rounds - 30 mins CWRI followed by matched opts - Dung On - All Styles - CWA Classic - Corr Off Round 1 We turned out having.. not the best pull, but hey it's decent for a weekday. Being outnumbered, we were pumped up with what he had and gave it a shot. We started off piling low levels and immediately took a 3 man lead from there whilst DragonHearts, a level 106, tanked the #*^% out of them. From there we knew we couldn't lose it there and it was literally man slaughter the rest of the war with even their 126s getting one shot. Round 2 In the second round it was nothing but win in our eyes. They gained a quick lead in the beginning we managed to pull it back with quick transitions and top notch binds. Thanks for the fight NL. Was fun.
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