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  1. vs A few days ago I approached TPL for a fun P2P since our last one turned out amazingly. We agreed on the following rules. - Matched Opts - Plat arena - 3 Rounds - Single Spells only - Summoning Off - No gear limits Round 1 Both clans had huge pulls, higher than expected. First round we attacked TPL from the west and went for the first piles we saw. One shot most of them until they had a weak main pile and they lost it from there. Round 2 Second round TPL requested a full out, without us agreeing they rushed ahead and we continued to fight. We did decent, but lost to the number advantage. This pumped us up for murder in the third round. Ending was 0 - 9 to them Round 3 This round there was no looking but. We only had the terms 'man slaughter' in our minds. And that's exactly what we did, one shot all of them, tanked the fish out of ourselves till we could prove we're one of the best at P2P for our sized clans. Thanks for the fight TPL. Good job ND - Keep it up. Edit: Why doesn't centre align work :blink:
  2. btw TK closed at the end of July, I am absolutely sure of this because i checked the date that I intro'ed to TT There are several clans that have closed and reopened multiple times.For instance, if you look towards the top of the clan ladder both RoT and TT have closed and reopened, yet they have still showed their prowess in this last opening. Whose to say TK can't do the same. Not only that, your clan is not really in the best position to troll and start beef as for one, you are slumping, and two, you have never beat TK in a fight, and have even suffered a miserable 42-0 defeat in a fight that started 49-42. l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l im dan and i try to troll because a clan has opened and reopened when mine has never had the guts to close when we should Let's cut the crap, you don't have to agree with a clan reopening, but there is certainly no reason to troll and make jokes like this. It's people like you who are driving people away from the clan world by just generally being immature and by laughing in the face of clan's that have failed in the past attempting to try again (yes i can admit tk failed in the past, and that's because it was centered around a couple people). Sure I've had my immature times, and I'm sure many people will agree with that, but its one thing to go through a stage for a few months, and a completely different thing to have been acting like this for the past couple years. ur right, it won't but not gonna lie soulja melle really didnt do all that much and made several completely stupid mistakes, including closing tk to join dk, honestly i think without soulja melle tk has alot better chance of lasting longer. Viking Ship is a different story as he was one of the hardest working officials. I guess we'll just have to see how this goes. I don't necessarily agree with TK reopening, but who am I to stop them. They already have a good group of members that know what they are doing, and were an integral part of the community in the past. Good luck to everyone going forth in the effort to reopen TK it's no small task. The times those clans reopened and closed are much different than now. I doubt Downfall has never beat Tk though if that's true you could easily pick out several multiclanners which helped you guys, but probably hurt you more in the long run which is why Downfall is still alive and TK is reopening again. Yet it took Downfall a year to learn to how to PvP.
  3. CL approached me for a war a few days ago looking for a war, despite them beating us heavily last time, we accepted regardless. - 2 Rounds - 30 Mins CWRI and Full Out - CWA Classic - All Styles - Dung Off - Corr Off - Attack On Sight Round 1 The first round was an absolute feast for us. We started off piling iBlood and from there it was constant one shots giving us a 3 man lead straight away. From there it was constant one shots and we never looked back. It was one hell of a fight with the score being very close for most of the fight. Round 2 Second round we lost numbers and CL kept theirs giving us a heavy disadvantage. With a few of their members running out of bounds, we gave it our best and eventually ended up leaving cc. Thanks for the fight CL! Had a blast.
  4. Thanks for the fight TPL. Only reason it was close was because half our clan was dcing. Hi Mark <3:
  5. Looks like Corr got cabbaged on. Good job DF :thumbup:
  6. Why are you flaming Envy when this is one of your best pulls in like 2 months? Their hour preps are equivalent to your 2 week preps.
  7. LMFAO, how many clans you in bro? 3 last time I checked.
  8. Gratz even though it's not worth topic posting.
  9. Gratz Envy on the capped win. Gratz Downfall on the uncapped win.
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