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Crystal elven armour.

Pete Party

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I posted this on RSOF ( 185-186-990-63624365 ), but got not many replies there, what does tip.it think of my idea?


Here is my post (copy from RSOF)





As you have read this is a suggestion regarding Elves and to be precise a future ending of some quest that results in obtaining this armour.

Ill just jump into it right away without a long intro.



-Elven Crystal Armour-


Obtained by killing npcs/doing other event that rewards crystal seed that makes the armour.


Killable npc's/other event unlocked after the elven quest

Seed is sung into a piece of armour by npc

The armour needs a constant sound to stay in shape

Sounds are produced in most parts of the game, on the main level.


Sound does not reach wildernis. Sound does not reach deep underground.

When the armour is without sound it degrades fast and when degraded it returns to a seed again. Partial degradation makes the armour lose some of its stats (like other crystal items it has 10 stages).

If you are out of reach of the sound and your armour degrades to a lower level and you go back into reach of the sound the armour does not recharge, the degrading just stops.

Recharging the seed costs money or requires skill (prefer money)

The seed is bound to the piece of armour you made of it.

Seeds that are not bound yet are different from all seeds because they are the only version that has no bind yet and binding them for the first time should cost nothing or significantly less than a recharge. The bound of a seed cannot be changed or removed.



Seeds are trade-able, bound seeds are not (bound = made into some piece of armour that then degraded into a seed)

Seeds get weak after being recharged a few times.

A weaker seed does not affect the strength of the armour.


Seed --> first time bind --> [crystal armour piece]¹ --> Degraded [crystal armour piece] --> [crystal arour piece] seed --> Recharge² --> repeat ¹ to ² × times --> weaker [crystal armour piece] seed --> recharge > [crystal armour piece] > Degraded [crystal armour piece] > Dust


(^that's an example, I know its a bit detailed about how the seed works but I just have to write it down... I can't help it)


-Why did I think of this (this way)?


I think it would be a good high level armour, that can be used unlimitedly on the main land, so there is no penalty for killing low level npc's with armour that can degrade.

Its degrading process underground and other places where sound does not reach makes it use at bosses limited but not too limited that it becomes a burden.

This all results into high players wanting the armour for high end bosses, but having to obtain seeds more often than players doing mostly things on the main land. Or at least they create a need for more seeds.

Why seeds should cost not much to charge for the first time? To keep the market price of new seeds close to the price of recharging in the long run, in the beginning the new seeds will cost more due to market needs and it will find its own value (so its just a safety net for the future).


I think the way to obtain seeds should be hard but rewarding even when no seed is obtained.


My main line was the crystal armour.

I also thought of possible sound distribution throughout the map.

What I thought was logical was: Trees with a speaker/hut in it (just graphical) the speaker would be some sort of way to distribute the sound, Or just like summoning obelisks... but instead of the obelisk a speaker. Speakers distribute the high frequency sound that we cant hear that keep the crystal armour in shape.



I tried to stay out of lore as much as I could so that there is a lot of room in this idea.

This idea is a rough sketch, but this sketch starts at the end of something, a high level elven quest. feel free to play with anything or change it.


Anyway, post improvements/adjustments/ how this fits it into lore or anything else!

Thank you for reading, support and improvement.


// the end.

Me and the wise old man go way back.... he was a foolish boy back then.



My crystal armour idea.

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