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  1. My a-log for the couple of days. Ow and I don't know why all say 2:00 :-| (maybe RS doesn't sent the timestamp with it or my RSS is just weird)
  2. The spirit didnt appear above the fire but somewhere besides it and gave me some charms (gold,green and crimson) Its like a fireball.
  3. Crap. My goal was to get 200 but now I feel discouraged. :( Quitting if I get nothing from 200. He didn't get anything :\ Im at 20 bones atm. Ill see how far I will get. So did you end up using maples or magics for burning?
  4. you can't enter yet well okaaay We knew about this first day of the month.
  5. Most jobs, when opened to public for applications, have already taken on applications internally. So whilst this is a free for all opportunity currently, you might find that someone within the RS mothership currently is employed. (Although, I'd be surprised, given the way we've been heading later :D ) Or the investors want a fresh wind that blows money in their direction.
  6. Next update you'll get spins for every level you go up (the higher the level the more spins). Also not giving spins to people who got the levels before this update because that would absolutely ruin the fairness of this game.
  7. Exactly at that point you will be able to do anything if you just buy enough spins.
  8. Id pay 1m tokens just for that. The binds thing is a bit overdoing it, we dont really need so many binds do we?
  9. Took them years to find out about bots and doing something about them, how long will it take before they find out something they created is ruining the game and do something about it?
  10. "For reasons related to the balance of the RuneScape economy, we’re unable to retroactively offer spins for quests already completed. Keep an eye out for new quest content in the coming months, though." Squeel didn't affect the economy jagex said. Jagex sells 550 spins for 80$.... 80$ is enough payment to unbalance the economy? No offense Jagex but I hope the guy who is in charge of all this gets karma. AND WHERE IS RUNESPAN?
  11. this happens when userbase expects updates every week...
  12. I know, but how is he doing... just wondering.
  13. I have a hard time telling which keys we have and which we don't. Is there an easy display somewhere that doesn't require 12 steps to get to?
  14. Not bad. Thank god sagas didn't come yet because im not ready yet!
  15. A new fairy tale quest is out, at the end all bots will be banned. [hide=spoiler!]The quest is a fairy tale[/hide]
  16. If he couldn't use his money he already had saved.
  17. It is only gambling if the buyer can win real money or membership. (the mystic tattoo lifetime membership was a one time promotion) I am not sure abut the membership, but as soon as Jagex makes it possible to sell things won from the wheel for real money (without breaking their rules) it is gambling. It will then be taxed and bound to hundreds of rules.
  18. I wouldn't be. I'd bank stand the hell out of things, afk as much as possible. Try and get people to take my internet down so I could finally log out from this hell hole. I seriously could not manage the play time that the top players do, even if I did have the opportunity. I personally don't see how they do it either. It took me 10 years just to max my one account, and try as I might, I can barely ever last to the 6 hr auto-logout, let alone 10+ hrs in a single day. Major props to the top players patience to be able to do this daily, takes some real determination. More props to them who also take care of themselves good while doing this all.
  19. Gj Jagex. Pff are they gonna nuke again soon? Where are all the people who said Jagex would lose :P
  20. Dunno if they have slayer tasks in task sets but there are enough monsters.
  21. I dont think anyone has ever sleeped on the uberman schedule for a year. There is always a moment where you get too tired and sleep for a day or more, after that it is hard work getting back in the chedule.
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