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Feedback And Suggestions


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Feedback And Suggestions

  • As stated before, the DGSweeper was built around the ideas and requests of DGS and the dungeoneering community. Without those many ideas, it simply wouldn't exist. If you can think of a feature which could make things even easier, or possibly an upgrade to a preexisting feature, don't hesitate to make a suggestion!

  • Suggestions will be discussed among myself and close trusted users. If it's found to be useful, users usually find that their suggestions are released rather swiftly and the user who suggested the feature or upgrade is credited.

  • Please keep suggestions related to dungeoneering. I'm always eager to hear suggestions, no matter how small or large of an update it'd require. Ensure that your suggestion hasn't already been discussed or is in development before posting.

  • Of course, if you have general feedback, whether good or bad, I'm always excited to hear what you have to say. Heck, often times if I hear feedback on a feature or the DGSweeper in general, I can change it to ensure that everyone is happy.

  • Remember, this tool isn't only for elitist dungeoneers. It's built for both beginners and experts.

  • Thanks! I look forward to hearing your ideas!


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