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Dominion Tower - Finish him!

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This is a straight copy from Dominion Tower Minigame guide:

Finish Him! Arrav, Koschei the Deathless, General Khazard, Black Knight Guardian, The Kendal, Black Golem, Grey Golem, and White Golem (simultaneously)

  • No Prayer
  • Reduced Melee Defence
  • Reduced Magic Defence
  • Reduced Ranged Defence
  • Diseased
  • Poisoned
  • No Special Attacks
  • Random Daze
  • No Power-ups

However, this is what is written in special mode strategies:


"A combination of prayer bonus and melee offence work well here as all the opponents use melee attacks, so you should pray against melee."


Also the special mode info in Dominion Tower says that No prayers can be used in this fight. Someone should fix that strategy part.


Also, it could be worth to mention that each of the bosses only has 20% of their lifepoints remaining.



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