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  1. Seeing that technology is no longer against us... maybe this info helps a bit Gift of Gu: http://gyazo.com/a40...19d08a1875c435b Gu Hakama (skirt): http://gyazo.com/a27...1e04487c775ef10 Additional info: Gift of Gu weights 13 kg. It seems to contain certain pop items (helmets/50% superior scrims/darts/gu items). I donated 100k chimes (because... why not?) and received tetsu helmet and gu hakama from gift so 25k+ chime donation seems to also yield one cosmetic item you don't already own. You cannot receive or send out another Tengu's special voyage before you have opened your parcel. (If you go talk to him about clue focus, he suggests you to open up your gift instead of giving you an option to donate.) Gu Hakama is a cosmetic item that seems to weight nothing. If destroyed, it can be reclaimed from Diango. Hope this helps. I might try to get more of these voyages but Tengu seems to have been lazy lately. Happy late Easter and have a good (working) week!
  2. No problemo. I'll go back to hunting other tengu tsuba now, although I will probably have to get 90 divination and Memory maxed first. I can still submit info for the wakizashi but hopefully someone else can get it sorted before me.
  3. Just a notice reply. The info is above. Off to my next location to do... something considerably less important.
  4. I can make one of the weapons now (most likely mh katana as I can get rid of my lava whip) but the second weapon is a bit trickier as I have to either get another "lucky" standard voyage OR get 90 divination, get Memory's missions done and complete two triple joint voyages. I can do that but it's probably going to take a while. EDIT: I got picture & stats for katana despite chrome and gyazo still not wanting to co-operate. Tetsu katana: http://gyazo.com/0713cc83a400394539a4b43694924612 You could have gotten the examine from port alone but oh well - a quick paint job and it's as good as new. Made from 1 tengu tsuba, 100 tetsu plate and 50 eastern pearls with 92 smithing. (Just in case you forgot already =P) Weapon stats: Damage... 1041Accuracy.. 2178Style......... Slashing (because 'longsword - wakizashi is a shortsword so maybe it's stabbing instead?)Speed...... FastUsed as level 85 melee weaponry. Weight (despite adding stuff to tengu tsuba) still seems to be the same 2.2kg. (Because... screw physics?) Also as a side note, equipping this weapon also adds an extra scabbard on you. The sword will be carried in there or in your hand depending on your sheathe. I will try to get other tsuba at some point to get the wakizashi too but like I said - it's probably going to take a while.
  5. This one was quite a b*tch to get but hopefully this info helps. Picture & examine: http://gyazo.com/65bb755ad300821a7548dca7a29c5ef8 You can paint out the examine for better picture. Other info: Found on "Cross Guard" standard voyage. Requires 15k in each skill. Apparentally you need 6,000,000 travel distance and Exile's point to unlock these voyages but I am unable to verify that since I had "maxed" distance and islands before this update. Weight seems to be the same as for gemstone kaseki aka 2.2 kg. This item is used in combination with tetsu plate and eastern pearls to create tetsu katana (100 + 50) and tetsu wakizashi (50 + 25). Smithing level 92 is required. I will probably try to seek out the other tsuba and try smithing myself a pair of swords to play with. Now if you excuse me, I still have to play Scorpion with my lava whip before it gets cruelly replaced by eastern weaponry. Sniff.
  6. Monster updates: Customs Officers Cb - 37 Hp - 1900 Weakness - Fire spells. Sadly, I cannot tell their max hit because you cannot smuggle runes to the Rock for monster examine spell. Giant Crab (passive) / Giant Lobster (aggressive) - diving part Cb for both - 70 Hp for both - 2500 Max hit for both - 200 Weakness for both - Earth spells Granite lobsters WILL attack you near the chest and inside the ship, but they are rather easy to evade and they won't harm you at the idol. The crabs seem to drop crab meat and the lobsters... I only managed to get seaweed from them. Other small details: You don't need to be wearing the pirate disguise in order to get arrested again after escaping from the Rock for the first time. You no longer need to pay for the rowing trip to Dragontooth Island. It only took three beers to get the bartender drunk and start tricking him. After delivering the note for him you can buy "rum" for 30 gp per bottle should you really wish to do so. You can sometimes trigger a glitch where your character will be running in water instead of swimming by holding a weapon on deck and stepping away from it. This will unequip the weapon and normally transfer you to swimming mode. It's nothing special really but it was still amusing to watch. What else... 4k xp till 99 thieving. Guess I should read my tome of thieving at some point after this message... Toodles!
  7. http://gyazo.com/e642bc0006af408cf20634c2820b364b Falador park - eastern bank - oak tree. Description could be "south of the oak tree growing east of Falador park" or "Between eastern bank and an oak tree" or something else. Either way, Illuminati is NOT confirmed. Google Chrome doesn't like gyazo for some reason. Anyway, happy Single-Awareness Day and good gaming.
  8. Shortly put, What tip.it elite clue page states: This scroll will work in the elven lands. Orb scan range: 38 paces. What my clue scroll states: http://gyazo.com/45a7acb43ac120198c4b23e68cb96bca Nuthing else to say. Toodles!
  9. Those who have been active in the Battlefield might consider bringing warpriest robes with weapon switches. That should help minimize the number of armour needed for battle. Still, those who have access to tier 90 weaponry/armour should have no trouble with KK.
  10. Drygore maces - check. Superior tetsu armour - check. Why do I still feel inconfident? Maybe because players with yaks and comp capes are getting their asses handed back and maybe because Vorage really *is* the king of bosses...
  11. Drinking and calculation don't mix. So don't drink and derive.

  12. All the deaths and no drygores makes TMHT a dull... whatever. Anyways, I have two drygore mace babies that would love to help you out. Maybe *this* time we can get more than 7 dead players in one orb attack...
  13. I reckon there are plenty of dragon helm drops for everyone :mrgreen:
  14. Going to be there and trying to fetch a couple newbies from my clan as well to gain some experience in boss hunting. Let's see if I can get farseer before the event...
  15. The Frog Prince vs. The People (Defence) The frog is being accused for impersonating royalty to in order to get kisses (what a weird crime). Interview both the frog and Flora and ask all the questions. Then go to Arresting officer and do the same. There are no fingerprints because frog doesn't techically have fingers and the ink slid off his fingers. ---------------------------------------------------------- The Case: Princess dress -> You automatically point out that frog was just trying to be generous and Flora mistook a simple gift as a marriage proposal. The Frog Prince -> The dress -> It is customary in his country to give gifts to those who help you. He sent one of his minions to give it to her and the gift was from "fancy dress shop", not directly from him so he didn't intend to propose her. Flora -> The dress -> The frog never gave a verbal or written proposal to her so there is no proof that he would have asked to marry her. Arresting officer -> The Arrest -> Frog does live in other plane and the other frogs refer to him as "Prince" and "Your highness" so it may be possible that he is indeed a prince. Appeal seemed hard but the best choice is Desert Dweller. It is hard to recall a case where such a generosity has led to someone taken to court. The frog is a stranger from a strange land and does not understand our customs and made something we can consider a mistake. That doesn't mean that he would be harmful! Surely anyone can symphatise in his situation. After this it is 100% sure that jury will declare verdic NOT GUILTY. REWARD: 9,000 defence xp and a mystery box. This was my 10th case to complete. Hope you like what you read :^_^:
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